If you’re looking to move and want to streamline the process, one of the best things you can to do is improve the aesthetic of your home. It can make a huge difference to how quickly you find a buyer, and when in the past I’ve wanted to sell my house fast, this is exactly the strategy I’ve followed – because it works!

How Can I Sell My House Fast?

More often than you may think, people struggle to visualise the potential of a property; why not make it as easy as possible for them, by making it already attractive?

How to Make the Outside of Your House More Attractive

Upkeep and Maintenance

Before looking at any bigger jobs on the list, the first thing to consider – and which can make a huge impact – is any required maintenance. For example, do any fascias and soffits need painting or even replacing? Does your driveway need to be weeded, or any there tiles missing from your roof?

All of these little jobs which are too-easily ignored can add up to making your home look tired.

A little time and money putting these things right will give a better first impression to potential buyers. Plus, as they’re important chores to keep on top of, you can consider them an investment in the meantime.


Loose slabs or overgrown borders can lead to front gardens looking less than their best. Correcting this can be as cheap or expensive as you choose to make it: weeding and pruning will cost nothing but hard work, while a brand new driveway can cost thousands. Either way, some TLC will make a huge difference.

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You can completely transform the appearance of a house by rendering all or part of it, and it acts both as a protective coating as well as being decorative. Costing in the region of £5000 for a typical family home, this is a big expense – but it potentially has the biggest return in terms of aesthetic – which may also translate to big gains when selling.

5 ways to make the outside of your house more attractive, including some free tips as well as bigger investments. #interiors #homeimprovements #diy


Replacing windows is not cheap, but if your frames are old or your windows have blown then it may be a worthwhile investment. As well as new windows smartening up the outside of your home, double glazing is more energy efficient than single glazing. For something a little bit different, lead windows are just as strong as uPVC, but lend a traditional look to an otherwise modern house.


Finally, the quickest and easiest way to update the outside of your home is to instal hanging baskets of vibrant flowers, and add evergreen plants in strategically placed pots. If you do nothing else, this alone will brighten even the dullest house.

For a bonus piece of advice to impress potential buyers: keep your car clean!



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