Marygreen Manor Tudors Restaurant – I was offered a fabulous dinner in exchange for my honest review.

I’ve said before that one of my favourite things about blogging is that I’m able to help support some very worthy campaigns; and while that is true, I can’t deny that there’s also a less noble aspect that I also love…

Hubby and I recently had a rare opportunity for a proper date – by which I mean Pixie was having a sleepover and we had nothing to rush home for. So we fiiiinally decided to book at a table at a restaurant I’ve had my eye on for some time, ever since we were looking for a wedding venue, in fact. That’s more than four years. I know, I know, alas having a family does tend to put frivolities on hold.

Marygreen Manor Tudors Restaurant Review

I emailed Marygreen Manor in Brentwood, Essex to make a booking, and thought I’d chance my arm by also enquiring as to whether they work with bloggers… I was thrilled when they agreed to seat us for a meal from their (very fancy) à la carte menu, in exchange for my honest review.

While this is without a doubt a perk of the job, I always feel slightly apprehensive in case things aren’t as good as I anticipate. Because I am always frank with my readers, ergo: potential awkwardness with the brand. Not fun.

So when everything is perfect, it’s not only a pleasure – it’s also a relief. I suppose that makes it doubly fabulous for me, and may mean I’m somewhat biased in telling you that Marygreen Manor both met and surpassed my expectations.

Judge for yourself…

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Marygreen Manor: Architecture and Interior

Marygreen Manor Tudors Restaurant

For a start, I must confess I’ve a weakness for Tudor: I go a little giddy at the sight of original exposed beams and wood panelling.

These are what first drew me to the hotel and the reason I was so keen to return for dinner. We discovered the building is 500 years old, so naturally little had changed about the beauty of the place; and since first impressions count, I was already feeling satisfied. It truly is a stunning piece of architecture.

Entering the lobby is a treat in itself: again, I’m a lover of some well-placed, subtle stained glass – and I wasn’t disappointed. As you’d expect, the interior is in keeping with the opulence of the period, ie. I was goggle-eyed and would have happily moved in.

Marygreen Manor Tudors Restaurant

We were shown through to the lounge area (dark wood panelling and chairs upholstered in rich colours), and brought snacks and menus. Hubby and I have been to several upmarket restaurants over the years, but this was the first time we experienced this; for rather than being taken immediately to our table, we were served drinks (cocktails, natch) in the lounge and left there to relax while we ordered and our food was being prepared. I thought this was a nice touch as it allowed us to enjoy the lounge and be entirely comfortable before going to dine.

Marygreen Manor Tudors Restaurant

The restaurant itself is equally stunning: split level with high ceilings; lots of beams; romantic low lighting.

Marygreen Manor Tudors Restaurant

And large tables – there’s nothing worse than sitting on top of each other in a restaurant, is there? We were delighted to have a round table too, which only heightened our comfort.

Marygreen Manor Tudors Restaurant

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Marygreen Manor Tudors Restaurant: Service

At a restaurant of this calibre, good food is basically a given; which means presentation and service comes under close scrutiny. We weren’t disappointed on either count. (Even the bathroom was beautiful!)

Marygreen Manor Tudors Restaurant

Pepe, our authentic Mediterranean waiter, was the consummate professional: he struck the balance between friendly and officious perfectly – and this is no mean feat. For a start, everyone’s opinion of what constitutes ‘correct’ is bound to be a little different. But from my own perspective if I dislike curt, abrupt staff – then I cannot stand over-familiarity: if I’m thinking ‘why not pull up a chair and join us?’ then something ain’t right! Pepe was obliging when my hubby asked questions about the building and the wine, but quickly took his leave once he’d briefly engaged. At a romantic dinner this is exactly what I would hope for!

It wasn’t just Pepe though, all staff were unintrusive and deferential, and we felt like royalty.

Marygreen Manor Tudors Restaurant: Food

A complimentary basket of bread was brought to our table – along with a pretty selection of butters! I must admit I’ve never had a range of butter to choose from, so that was a novelty; and of course I tried them all.

The cuisine itself was superb. And I may be fussy, but I was impressed that each dish came served with vegetables. I can’t help wondering what kind of person would rock up to a very decent restaurant and order a lump of (very sophisticated) meat – and no greens! Maybe that also makes me a snob? Meh. (Possibly a hypocritical snob.)

Marygreen Manor Tudors Restaurant
Scallops; Cherry Tomato, Radish, Baby Carrot, Wasabi Foam.
Marygreen Manor Tudors Restaurant
Venison; Broccoli and Stilton Puree, Girolles, Baby Turnip.
Marygreen Manor Tudors Restaurant
Fillet of Angus Beef; Pea Puree, Broad Beans and Mange Tout, Veal Jus.
Marygreen Manor Tudors Restaurant
Dark Chocolate Mousse; White Chocolate Cremeux, Pistachio Ice Cream, Chocolate Sauce.
Marygreen Manor Tudors Restaurant
Lemon Curd Meringue Cake; Saffron Jelly and Green Tea Ice Cream.

There’s something quite special about having tiny portions of deliciousness between courses. I can’t say the amuse bouche or palate cleanser were entirely unexpected, but I’d sort of forgotten they were coming, so they were pleasant additions nonetheless.

And if the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then the way to mine is via surprise panna cotta.

Marygreen Manor Tudors Restaurant

Hubby and I noted the time between courses – but reminded ourselves we were very much not in a fast food restaurant. We realised that very often, semi-nice restaurants actually try to turn tables around rather too quickly – and it’s something we’ve become accustomed to.

Instead of being rushed in and back out, we were encouraged to stretch our evening out and enjoy the experience. And we really did.

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  1. This looks gorgeous and a real hidden gem. If I win I would give the prize to my son and his girlfriend as they’ve just moved into their first flat and can’t afford treats like this.


    I live fairly close to Brentwood,and this restaurant looks lovely,any lady would love to dine here.

  3. Brad Start Reply

    I have never been there, but am very interested (keen) to try them out. The scallops and the Angus beef both look great.

  4. kim neville Reply

    Have never been there before but would like to and the food looks delicious

  5. Cassie Parish Reply

    Wow! Looks and sounds like an amazingly memorable evening. We have never been to or even heard of this place considering it is so local so it’s a delight to know something so luxurious is so nearby. It’s mine and hubbys 7th wedding anniversary in a months time so this would be a fabulous treat for us both. ????

  6. barbara daniels Reply

    Ive heard of it but never actually been , would really love to go and its right up the road

  7. Angela Treadway Reply

    no i havent been there before but looks absolutely gorgeous x

  8. samantha eyles Reply

    I’ve never been before but it looks like such a lovely place and the food looks amazing

  9. Jessica Sawyer Reply

    I haven’t eaten there but often gone past and thought it looked great

  10. Angela McDonald Reply

    No I haven’t but It looks and sounds amazing so i’d love to!

  11. Jeric Danao Reply

    Wow this Manor just really left me at awe. Look at the architectural work, can someone tell me who designed it or perhaps its development? Thank you really for sharing this!

  12. Susan Mellor Reply

    Driven past Marygreen Manor and often wondered what beauties lie within, but unfortunately never visited or eaten there……… would love to though!

  13. kellyjo walters Reply

    no I haven’t yet but would love to as it’s not that far for me

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    I’ve never been here before but Brentwood is only up the road so this would be lovely!

  15. Lindsay Seels Reply

    Its lovely to hear about this hidden gem, I live in Chigwell so not far for me, not visited yet but would love too.

  16. Emma Walton Reply

    No I’ve never been there but it looks lovely and just the place I would like to go for a romantic, classy evening out with my husband.

  17. Sadly haven’t had the chance to go yet, but heard the food is amazing.

  18. Caroline Cordery Reply

    I haven’t been there but I grew up in Essex so always looking for a chance to visit.

  19. A.E. ADKINS Reply

    Never been there, never eaten there but would be happy to rectify!

  20. Trevor Linvell Reply

    I’ve never been there but it does look a great place to stay

  21. Steve Davies Reply

    I’ve never been. It looks absolutely fantastic. What a great prize

  22. Kathryn Casbolt Reply

    I ave never been but your photos look amazing. Would love to visit 🙂

  23. Kate Phillips Reply

    I’ve never been there. I do occasionally travel to Brentwood to see my accountant, so this would be a very welcome treat to lessen the pain!

  24. Kirsti Peters Reply

    I have eaten in many fabulous restaurants but not this one YET, even if I do not win it looks like it is definitely worth a visit.

  25. Anne Alexis O Reply

    Have never been…but looks lovely & a chance to have a deliciously delightful REFINED break! Fantastic!

  26. emma asante Reply

    never been before and never eaten there but looking at your amazing pictures it seems to be well worth the visit! looks delish!

  27. liz ferguson Reply

    yes, and it was a fabulous night out, which I would love to do again – fab food, friendly service xx

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    Never been as I’m not local, but it looks worth a special trip

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    I have never been there but I would love to go to celebrate my birthday in September

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    Shamefully never been to MGM, despite it being in my old hometown. Loves lovely though.

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    I live in Brentwood but have never visited, would love to though!

  34. Matthew Warman Reply

    Just got home from my meal there tonight following my win from this fabulous blog! Absolutely beautiful food, amazing! Thank you

    • Kate Tunstall Reply

      I’m so pleased you enjoyed your meal – though not at all surprised! Thanks so much for popping back to comment.

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