I was gifted the items mentioned in exchange for writing about the Mothercare personal shopper service.

If you asked me who my dream collaboration would be with, I think I’d have to say Mothercare – after all, that’s where it all started… As soon as my first pregnancy was confirmed I popped in there to purchase a neutral pair of booties; and later, when I discovered we were having a second baby girl, I went back for a beautiful romper I’d had my eye on. Little has changed over the years, with Mothercare remaining my go-to baby shop. So I am completely thrilled to be working with them over the next few months, and today I’m going to share with you my experience of the Mothercare personal shopper service.

Did you know Mothercare have a Personal Shopper Service? I trialed it and was serisouly impressed wit htheir level of knowledge. Read my full review and why not try it for yourself?

Several weeks ago I was invited to attend the Mothercare Autumn/Winter 2018 press show, and it was lovely to go along to browse their new lines (some very cool bits by the way) over a glass of bubbly. I also had a chat with their lovely Press Officer who subsequently set up for me to go along to pilot the Mothercare personal shopping experience.

Did you know this service was available? I didn’t! And having been along and trialed it I think that’s a great shame.

As well as browsing for holiday clothes for the girls, I was looking for two big ticket items: a stroller for our upcoming holiday, and a car seat.

For the last couple of months since I’ve been comfortable leaving Elfin for a few hours to get some work done, I’ve had to put my car seat into my mum’s car every week. It’s been a pain every time, and on the very last occasion I also managed to put a big gouge into the paintwork of my car – oops. It was high time my mum had her own seat…

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We’re also heading off on holiday soon, and I was looking for a compact and lightweight stroller to take along. I’ve been using the same travel system for several years, which I’ve loved, but felt it was time to upgrade (or downgrade, depending on how you look at it!) to something smaller and more suited to a toddler than a newborn. On one hand this makes me so sad I can’t think about it too closely because it signals the end of my baby days; on the other, let’s be real – it’s a blessed relief.

But with both of these bigger items, it can be an absolute minefield to know where to begin – and that’s why the brilliant Mothercare personal shopper service is worth its weight in gold.

Mothercare Personal Shopper Service

The Mothercare Personal Shopper Service

I went over to the tills to announce my arrival (with an introduction like that I expect they were hoping for somebody a little less disheveled), and they called over the assistant tasked with helping me.

I wanted to sort out the car seat first as I felt that was most important in terms of safety/budget. A few months ago I actually put together a comprehensive post about car seat safety, including current laws and regulations, but as with most things in life if you don’t remind yourself regularly then it’s easy to forget. Besides which, legislation is constantly updated, and so I was still grateful for all the advice I could get.

Lois was very knowledgeable and I was seriously impressed with her product awareness. I didn’t have the arduous chore of narrowing down my options because she was able to do all of that for me with ease: when I explained my requirements she knew exactly which items offered the features I wanted and were also within budget.

It streamlined the process for me and actually made it very quick and simple to choose the best car seat for my needs.

It was essentially the same when it came to the stroller. I explained to Lois what I was looking for; she made a couple of suggestions within budget highlighting those with better features and reviews, and ultimately advising her recommendation. In fact, I went away and had a quick scan on my mobile in case there was anything she’d not mentioned and the one alternative stroller I asked her about turned out to be the same product in a different colour and with a different name! I honestly cannot fault the service in any way.

Once we’d selected the car seat and stroller, Lois left me to browse the sale items for holiday clothes for the girls and that took longer than anything else! I got some really lovely bits for them both and if you’d like to take a peek, you can check out my shopping haul below!

With thanks to Mothercare for collaborating for this post.


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