If there was any surefire way to become rich beyond words, it would be bottling and selling this long searched for answer: how to transfer baby to crib without waking her. I’m sorry to be the one to do this, but let me disabuse you of that fantasy right now – it cannot be done.

I mean, it can, technically – I know because I’ve done it during a full moon once – but, it’s more by luck than by design. And believe me, I have tried to master this most coveted of skills. I have attempted an array of techniques, and I know that nothing works more than once, and it never happens twice in a row: nobody has yet mastered the skill required to perfectly execute this manoeuvre.

That said, you’re here now, so we may as well celebrate some milestones which may be more feasible…

Sleeping Baby

Okay, just for fun, here’s why you’re basically a Jedi even without the ultimate skill in your arsenal.

How to Transfer Baby to Crib Without Waking Her, and Other Jedi Skills

With the release of the new Star Wars film imminent, I thought now would be a good time to reveal some Jedi secrets…

Here are five reasons that being a new parent is basically the same as being enrolled at a Jedi Academy:

1. Settling a Fussy Baby: Trial of Skill

This takes time and patience to master. If you are not Force-sensitive, don’t bother even attempting this challenge. Perfecting this art serves as graduation from Apprentice to the status of true Jedi.

Holding Sleeping Baby's Hand

2. Opening/Closing the Stairgate: Trial of Courage

On a nightly basis, the jarring gate strikes a special kind of dread into hearts of parents the length and breath of the country.

It requires heroic nerve to defy the fear-induced tremors to lock that shit down in the dark – WITHOUT LOSING YOUR FOOTING ON THE STAIRS. Not for the weak-willed.

3. Avoiding Squeaky Stairs: Trial of Spirit

Successfully closing the stairgate is the equivalent of passing a module. But don’t be complacent – you’re far from home and dry: you’ve yet to negotiate the last few squeaky stair treads. Do this, and you may consider yourself a Jedi Master.

4. Extracting Oneself from Sleeping Baby: Trial of Flesh

This challenge is a double-edged sword. To rise through the ranks, you must complete this almost impossible mission. Dead arm; cold feet; crick in your neck? Withstand these physical irritations and – don’t, be fooled – that’s just part completion of this task; you must also seamlessly withdraw any limbs acting as pillows.

Mother and Baby Bedsharing

With each new incremental movement, you may experience new and heightened discomfort: Cramp? Suck it up. Inhibited ability to breathe?  To gain recognition as Jedi Guardian, feel that torment and keep doing it anyway. Tougher than it sounds, achieving this status earns you great respect in the Jedi Order.

5. Knowing the Exact Moment to Leave – Without Disturbing the Baby: Trial of Insight (or Knowledge)

Naturally, you don’t want to spend your entire night soothing the baby. But neither do you want to rush only for it to result in a false economy of your time: leave too soon, and you run the risk of her stirring. The delicate, almost imperceptible balance of timing is the ultimate Jedi test. Once mastered, you will be rewarded with the honour of becoming Jedi Consular.

Unfortunately, though my husband believes he knows everything there is to know about Jedi, it takes more than simple knowledge. When it comes to making Jedi status, training is everything. And my husband just can’t cut it on the floorboards like I can (this being the particular issue this morning, ahem).

Annnd, she’s awake!

Sorry Darling, you clearly don’t have The Force. If it’s any consolation, our daughter is Force-sensitive, and she’s already honing her skills for induction into the Jedi Order; so you must have done something right…

Our Youngling’s special powers are Force Seeing, Force Sense and Force Vision: even when she is 96% asleep and it’s pitch dark, if I dare open my eyes to begin the painstaking process of creeping back to bed – she ‘sees’ me.

Sometimes she can even feel me thinking about it.

Today I will be channeling my inner Yoda to get through the day on limited sleep. And tonight it’s back to Jedi Academy for hubby. Unless, of course, he accedes defeat…

All that said and challenging (to say the least!) though lack of sleep is, keep this valuable truth in mind:

You do not need to transfer your baby.

Relax. Put your feet up – the mess can wait. Enjoy the baby cuddles while they last.

…Unless you also have a toddler. In which case, may The Force be with you.

An award-nominated blogger and author, Kate is a huge advocate of personal growth, focusing on journaling to increase positivity and facilitate mindful motherhood. With a wealth of experience in breastfeeding and CMPA, Kate is also an expert baby sleep chaser. Her writing has appeared on Mothercare, Huff Post, and BritMums.


  1. Haha that is absolutley brilliant! I have always failed miserably at Jedi academy, dunce cap and all! After so many attempts I’m In the ‘sod it ill just go to bed at 7pm too’ Camp! Pretty sure this stuff needs some kind of recognition ? fantastically funny and oh so true, great work Kate x

    • Kate Reply

      Thanks Jaime, I’m glad you like the post! Graduation to Jedi Master is no easy feat – I still fail at transferring sometimes! But we may console ourselves that this is because our Younglings are also in training! ? x

  2. The Force is strong in my husband. He can change our sleeping daughter without her waking.

    • Kate Reply

      Emma, that is very impressive. I can only do this whilst breastfeeding. (Yes, I’m a contortionist in my spare time. If this move is not an actual yoga pose, it definitely should be.)

  3. This has made my day!!! motherhood is the hardest job in live but the most rewarding at the end

  4. Kate Reply

    A relatable one for all parents I think!

    Merry Christmas! 🙂

  5. AmyLovestoSew Reply

    I think I undergo a trial of self discipline each evening as I’m rocking, rocking, rocking baby to sleep, only to look down and see eyes wide open and a big, giggly smile. I know night time isn’t supposed to be playtime, but I can’t resist smiling and giggling back…not conducive to good sleep habits. Love your post, really enjoyed reading it.

    • Kate Reply

      Yes, it is difficult to maintain a straight face and no engagement sometimes!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Have a lovely weekend. ?

  6. Kate Reply

    Hi Lucinda,

    Glad you enjoyed the post, thanks for commenting! ?

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