Okay ladies, I’m going to level with you – this is not the most glamorous subject in the world and it’s not one I can easily ‘pretty up’. So I’m not even going to try, I’m just going to lay it on you: sometimes – especially after childbirth – women may notice a ‘weakness in bladder control’. You most likely know what I’m alluding to because even if you’ve not suffered postnatally, I’m willing to bet that if you’ve ever been heavily pregnant, you will have sneezed too hard once or twice. (Per day in some cases.) But despite one in three women suffering, many won’t seek help – and yet it’s totally fixable! And best of all there’s a new product on the market which is a non-invasive treatment for incontinence.

The Reality of a Weakened Pelvic Floor

Several weeks ago I was invited to a really fun event hosted by INNOVO, where we had a hilarious evening discussing the taboo topic of bladder weakness, and learning more about it from the experts on hand, one of whom was the very brilliant Elaine Miller. Elaine is an incontinence expert and comedian who knows how to find the humour in a subject that’s taboo and, for many women, very unfunny.

Looking for a non-invasive treatment of #incontinence? This product can correct #bladderweakness simply and effectively!

INNOVO spoke to 2000 women to gauge the true impact of incontinence.

Here are some of the standout results I was presented with, which make me really proud to be challenging the taboo and speaking about this difficult subject:

  • One third of women suffer with some form of bladder weakness, making it more common than hayfever;
  • 60% of women are suffering in silence;
  • 45% of women admitted that the issue has a negative impact on their sex life;
  • 56% of women avoid social events because of the problem;
  • 50% worry about laughing in public;
  • 20% only wear dark clothing, and 23% always cover their bottom.

This is really demoralising to read – particularly as women do not have to live this way! The issue can be completely reversed in most cases, and vastly improved in the rest. So it’s not all doom and gloom!

And now for your entertainment, here’s a little bit of the set Elaine kindly performed for us:

The purpose of the evening was to showcase INNOVO’s innovative new product which is designed not just to mask or manage incontinence, but to actually fix* it!

* Results of a clinical study found significant improvement after 4 weeks treatment for 93%, while 86% of users were defined as dry or near-dry following a 12 week plan.

Trialling INNOVO for Women

Bold claims, but I wanted to try it for myself to see what was involved and whether the product lived up to the promises.

Non-Invasive Treatment of Incontinence - INNOVO Shorts

As ever, I’m always completely honest about the subjects I cover on my blog, and so I need to make clear that I don’t personally have a serious problem of this nature. However, it’s fair to say there’s always room for improvement, right? And I’ve had two babies so, you know, it ain’t what it once was. With this in mind, I don’t pretend to be some miracle case; my review centres around whether I could feel the product doing its thing, and whether I’d recommend it to others based on my experience. (Unmistakably, and I definitely would.)

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How INNOVO for Women Works

The product uses Multipath technology (I’m not sure either) to stimulate your pelvic floor to contract (in layman’s terms it’s those electrode panel things which are placed in specific areas, in this case around your pelvis). This, over time, strengthens the necessary muscles to reduce or eradicate bladder weakness.

Essentially, the product allows you to feel the muscles if you’ve struggled to locate them, and exercise them without having to consciously make the effort. It means you’re free to get on with other tasks while it’s working, or just chill out and read or watch tv, should you find yourself at a loose end (haha if you’re a parent).

Once you’ve completed the recommended plan for your specific requirements (to correct stress or urge incontinence), you can then begin to build Kegel exercises into your routine, or continue to use the shorts to maintain the results if you prefer.

Non-Invasive Treatment of Incontinence - INNOVO Shorts

The innovative aspect of INNOVO for Women is the updated design, into a pair of shorts. Why is this so clever? It means you don’t need to worry about precisely where to place the electrode pads to make the product effective; instead you simply pull on the garment and – ta-da! – you’re all set.

Best bit? It’s non-invasive. Or to be crude, there’s no need to insert anything anywhere you’d prefer not to!

I imagine many women would love to be free of the embarrassment and inconvenience of their weak bladders, but would be put off using a product that necessitates finding personal time for that. It’s why, in my opinion, this product is remarkable. Obviously incontinence pads can be a lifesaver; but how wonderful – how liberating – would it be to no longer have to be concerned about jumping on a trampoline with your kids, for example? Imagine the freedom!

My Experience With INNOVO for Women

To ‘prepare’ the shorts for wearing you simply spray the special panels to increase conductivity, and pull them on. For me, this was easily the worst bit. Lovely and refreshing in summer I imagine – chilly (for about five seconds) when there’s a nip in the air!

Non-Invasive Treatment of Incontinence - INNOVO Shorts

Using the control is really simple: attach the control panel to the shorts, turn it on, select the required program, turn it up. That’s it.

Be warned, the sensation takes some getting used to! The first time I used it I was surprised at the strength of the pulses used to stimulate contractions; but I quickly grew accustomed to the unusual (not painful) feeling, and found I was able to tolerate a higher setting without going cross-eyed! 

So I can assure you there’s no question as to whether the product delivers the necessary stimulation to work – and I’ve not even had it turned up to the highest setting!

I’ve been using the product for a few weeks now and though I’m yet to complete my twelve week plan, I can absolutely notice a difference in my pelvic floor. I no longer have to preventatively squeeze during a sneeze – yippee!

Is INNOVO for Men Too?

Incontinence is not exclusive to mothers, and neither is it limited to the fairer sex: for various reasons, anyone can be affected, it’s just that postnatal women are particularly at risk.

INNOVO shorts are available for men too, making this excellent new technology accessible to everyone. And although at £249 they’re not cheap, they should be viewed as an investment: on average, using incontinence pads and pants costs around £420 per year! Totally worth it to get your life back, I’m sure you’ll agree.

In exchange for attending the event and writing about my experiences, I received a pair of INNOVO shorts and was compensated for my time. All opinions are my own.


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