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Nordgreen Pioneer

Who Are Nordgreen?

Nordgreen was established in Copenhagen in 2017, and the philosophy of chief designer Jakob Wagner is typically Danish:

I don’t think so much about the product; I think about the person using it, the context. We all have relationships with our products. I see myself as the one that makes sure that relationship is a good one.

Jakob Wagner
Pioneer Nordgreen Discount Black Friday

Jakob has worked with prestigious brands including Bang & Olufsen, and he’s won many accolades. And it’s no surprise when you get to know a little about the Nordgreen brand…

Nordgreen Sustainability and Ethics

Not only do they stock a clever range which is both pared down and also extremely versatile (which I’ll come to), Nordgreen also take their social and environmental responsibilities seriously:

  • In their 2019 Christmas campaign, they provided meals to 8966 people in need in the UK and Japan,
  • They’ve raised fund to provide books to underprivileged children in South Korea,
  • Contributed to reforestation efforts in Australia following devastating wildfires,
  • Helped provide 6500 hours of education to children in India,
  • Contributed to providing more than 23000 months of drinking water to Central African Republic,
  • Helped preserve 742,000sqm of rainforest in Latin America,
  • Planted thousands of trees to offset carbon emissions,
  • Sustainable packaging is made of FSC-certified cartons and up-cycled plastic bottles.
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With initiatives in place to give back to some of the communities in most need, partnering with Danish facilities abroad to ensure the highest standards for employees, and also working towards a carbon neutral footprint, this is a brand I can really get behind with a good conscience.

The Nordgreen Collection

Nordgreen currently comprises five beautifully crafted models, all of which qualify as Black Friday watches with discount code LRM35 from November 21st to December 1st:

The Pioneer, For Men

The most solid design featuring a chronograph, yet still retaining Nordgreen’s renowned simple, design. A clever fusion of classic and contemporary.

The Native, Unisex

This model boasts a wide range of dial and case colours, perfect for customising a more individual look. Minimalist yet striking, with a distinctive rounded shape to the glass of the case.

The Philosopher, Unisex

This model has an unusual design, with a recessed dial elevated around the edge and rising to meet the casing. Refined and functional, the Philosopher also features the date.

The Infinity, Women’s

Beautifully understated, with the hidden connector giving the Infinity the appearance of floating on the wrist. Simple, stylish, sophisticated.

The Unika, Women’s

The newest design, with the bracelet connected at either end at a centre point the Unika is flawlessly minimalist.

Nordgreen Straps

Straps are available in a variety of colours and hardware, with the following options:

  • 3 or 5 link bracelets,
  • Mesh,
  • Leather,
  • Vegan leather,
  • Rubber,
  • Nylon.

What I most love about Nordgreen is the beautiful simplicity of their designs. They have a limited range of watch designs but, as you can see, they’re highly customisable. At first glance the options may appear scant, but when you account for the many variations for the case size, dial, bezel, and straps – and consider that the straps are also interchangeable – suddenly the beauty of the brand becomes clear:

Even with the same watch as the person next to you, yours will be your own. 

Pioneer Nordgreen

It can be personalised to suit your tastes and your needs, and to fit seamlessly with your lifestyle. And best of all it’s also possible to switch the straps up for a new look, whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion (they will come back around!) or you’re simply aiming for a more relaxed weekend vibe.

Nordgreen Pioneer Lifestyle

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