I’m super excited to share with you all that we’re now seriously looking at moving. After all the work we’ve done to make our current home perfect, we thought it was really clever to leave and go somewhere else that is not perfect. *rolls eyes* Why do we do it to ourselves?!

Well, in our case there is method to our madness, though I sometimes question just how mad we actually are to be doing this with two small children…

The location we’re looking at is about ten or fifteen minutes away from where we live now, but I’m there with the children nearly every day. Sometimes twice actually, which is crazy. It makes sense for us to be living there, particularly since it’s still very central in terms of transport links and won’t be any further for my husband for work, yet will be closer to our mums.

To further convince myself it is worth all the upheaval I actually tallied up all the reasons I travel to the little town we’re looking at, and I could count about TWENTY: Sing and Sign classes; gymnastics; the library; our local RHS garden; and a lovely garden centre to name but a few. Plus six of my friends live there! Speaking of which, one of them is a new friend – I never thought I’d be saying that at my ripe old age (guesses not welcome). It’s a funny story actually…


Serendipity and New Friends

One of my regular readers commented on a post on my Facebook page and sounded a bit down about not having met any new friends since moving, because let’s face it – making friends as an adult is not easy. At. All. Not for me anyway. I recognised her name and realised it was because she’s local to me. So in spite of my anxiety I flippantly said I’d meet her for a coffee – and she accepted.

The funny bit is that I mentioned one of my closest friends, J, had been going to join us if she could make it to take some pressure off – and that very same day as my new friend walked home and by pure coincidence – she randomly bumped into J. They got talking and it came to light that I was the common thread. So now we’re all meeting up together.

Friends drinking wine
We’ve already met for coffee, I suspect next time we may bond over wine (though mine will be red, naturally).

Just goes to show that a bit of positivity, even when it feels uncomfortable, can lead to unexpected and lovely results.


Dreaming Of My New Office Decor

So, the house is on the market and we’re living like Monica from Friends – it’s driving me crazy. But – a little office for moi forms part of the criteria for our new home! I’ve been busy planning my space and I’m so excited to get the room I was promised when we converted our garage, before it was commandeered by my babies as a playroom!

I’ll paint it white, buy a beautiful desk (I’m lusting after the writing desk on this page in reclaimed wood), and hang a gorgeous large mirror – Lionshome have some really lovely and quirky pieces and I’ll be focussing my search there. I’ll have my gorgeous prints on the walls and use an actual filing system! Plus I’ll have shelving for all the products I’m sent for review and currently stow in any available space I can find. Perhaps I’ll even instal a little area for photography of said products.

I can make it as feminine and fabulous as I desire and it will be exactly to my taste. My own little sanctuary – I can’t wait!

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