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Opinion Pieces

I pride myself on feeling things deeply, and being passionate about the things that matter in my world. It’s been said that I’m opinionated, and I’m not sure I can argue with that; I’m not sure I’d want to.

Women need to be vocal in our ideas; we’ve been repressed for too long – and in some areas our progress has been reversed! – and, while I’m not a diehard Feminist, I am a feminist. I care about women’s rights like I care about human rights and animal rights and the planet.

I care about our collective futures – and despite its polarising and emotive nature, I refuse to shy away from talking about politics.

How Often Should New Parents Have Sex

I care about how the patriarchy is already influencing my young daughters – and how I inadvertently facilitate that thanks to our culture normalising what is not normal. Actively taking a stand is incredibly difficult, yet I’m trying nonetheless.

I care about giving our girls the best possible upbringing, and retaining my sanity, and my marriage, and my business. I care about modelling to our daughters how to achieve a balanced life, even though I struggle every day to achieve that.

I care about access to adequate support for mothers who wish to breastfeed their infants.

Hungry Baby - Breastfeeding

I care about offending people with the jokes I find funny, and why something that amuses me might be triggering to somebody else.

I care about the world’s casual indifference to the planet we’re borrowing for the short time we’re here, and working towards a more sustainable lifestyle and a better future for our children and the Earth they’ll be left with.

I care about thinking better, living better, and feeling better – for everyone.

I care.

Kate Tunstall

I strive to educate myself on subjects I don’t know enough about, and then I write about them here. Naturally, I’m not an expert on everything I talk about (though I can claim to be a fully fledged authority on sleep-deprivation and cake!) – but that’s no reason not to initiate debate around important subjects.

If you agree with my values and beliefs, that’s wonderful; and if you don’t? That’s okay too.

I’ve said many times that I’m more than happy for people to put forward a different opinion to mine – I thrive on talking through issues surrounding politics, feminism, and basically all controversial themes! Providing it remains respectful, I welcome all discussion.

Kate Tunstall

I’m even open to having my opinion changed! Argue your point well enough and it’s entirely possible my stance will shift. If that’s true for me, perhaps it will be true for others too. And that’s why talking about these issues on my blog is so important to me:

As somebody with a small platform, I feel a responsibility to open up these provocative conversations:

Not because I’m always right, but because awareness and scrutiny is critical for positive change.