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The Label I Cannot Stand Being Thrown Around Like Confetti

As a rule, I try these days to spend most of my time in a bubble of positivity. I don’t want drama in my life and I’ve taken great steps to remove it where necessary. I will cut people out of my life, no matter who they are, if they bring nothing but stress or misery. That may sound harsh but it’s not something I do lightly; it’s a painful  ...

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Looking After Your Children’s Teeth With FOREO

FOREO recently invited Pixie and I to a really fun event in London. I had reservations about taking her into town alone, but I’m so glad I did. She was very well-behaved (shocking) and once she got past her shyness, she had a great time at the event. Plus it was for an important campaign: looking after young children’s teeth.  ...

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Christmas Nosh Gift Guide With Lakeland – Plus a Giveaway!

I always get super excited at this time of year as the evenings draw in and the Christmas lights go up – even more so now I have babies to share in the magic of the festivities. One of my favourite things to do is start planning the delicious snacks we’ll be bringing out for guests in December! Admittedly it’s a bit of an  ...

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Everything Went Wrong, But I’d Still Recommend Our Estate Agent

So, it’s happened – we’ve made the move! Although of course there was one more hiccup for us to contend with on the day: we discovered that there was no gas feed to the cooker and I had to urgently revise the model I’d arranged for delivery the following day. But suffice to say we’re in, we’re nearly straight, and we’re delighted  ...

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September is Colic Awareness Month – But What Causes It?

We’re coming to the end of the second week of rediscovering our evenings. By which I mean we have finally, finally got Elfin to start going to bed at a reasonable hour and – crucially – not waking up again ten minutes later. I’ve not spoken about it here too much, perhaps once or twice when I’ve been discussing relevant products;  ...

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