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Breastfeed? Why That Makes You a Martyr

I wrote this post before I became pregnant with Elfin. Of course I’m currently breastfeeding again, and I’ve also been dairy-free for nearly a year – meaning this post is now more relevant than ever. Breastfeeding is a subject close to my heart. It’s something I’ve written about many times over the last couple of years  ...

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World of Dinosaurs Review, Paradise Wildlife Park, Broxbourne

World of Dinosaurs Review at Paradise Wildlife Park: I was gifted entry for my family in exchange for my honest opinion. Elfin’s many issues since she was born have basically meant she’s often uncomfortable and not very content, and to that end I’ve been quite hesitant to go out for long days far away from home. I can never tell when she’s  ...

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Planning My New Office Space – In Anticipation!

I’m super excited to share with you all that we’re now seriously looking at moving. After all the work we’ve done to make our current home perfect, we thought it was really clever to leave and go somewhere else that is not perfect. *rolls eyes* Why do we do it to ourselves?! Well, in our case there is method to our madness, though I sometimes  ...

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Emergency Service Heroes 2018, With Peli UK

Last year when I was still pregnant I wrote about how one of my closest friends had delivered her baby at home like the freaking warrior that she is. And then she unexpectedly haemorrhaged. By the time it happened both she and her tiny newborn had been checked over and given a clean bill of health – meaning the midwives had left her and  ...

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Opinion, Pregnancy and Newborns

KateGate: Does She Look Too Good After Pregnancy?

Back in May 2015 I wrote a post following the birth of Princess Charlotte. I’m really disappointed that it remains completely relevant following the arrival of the newest Prince (as yet unnamed). So I’m re-sharing and you’re welcome to wade in with your opinions about Kate’s post-pregnancy body and whether it’s  ...

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Can Political Correctness and Common Sense Co-Exist?

Part of being a blogger is managing multiple social media accounts (my most hated part if I’m honest – this is my single greatest reason for hoping to become super successful: so I can afford to pay someone to do it for me). But I recently encountered an interesting impasse, and actually I’m surprised it’s not occurred  ...

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Why I Hope Never to Be a Single Mother

A few weeks ago Elfin was being a pain in the butt refusing to sleep so I decided to take her for a stroll as I needed a couple of emergency bits from the shop anyway. I left Pixie at home with her dad and off we went. But when we got home (Elfin snoring – yaaaas!), I realised I’d not been wearing my rings when I went out. It surprised  ...

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