Back when we had our first offer accepted on a house, the one on which we were subsequently gazumped, Pixie was especially devastated because one of the bedrooms was already set up just for her: it was pink. Not my cup of tea at all, but she loved it the moment she set eyes on it, and that was what sold the house to our then three year old little girl. She hadn’t previously known it, but this was her ideal bedroom; the design spoke to her, it was femininity personified – the perfect bedroom for a little girl.

For the next few weeks, Pixie spoke at length about the dark pink carpet and, in particular, the two ballet prints on the walls. These I actually quite liked myself as they were more grown up and quite sophisticated and tasteful. So when we lost the house and I had to break the news, Pixie sobbed her heart out.

I promised her that once we (finally) found a different house and were in and settled, she would have her ballet print.

With that in mind, I’m over the moon to be collaborating once again with Posterlounge. They kindly gave me enough budget to choose something gorgeous for Pixie and a few more items to gift for Christmas too. I may even have found a little something for myself, to complete my office!

The Perfect Bedroom for a Little Girl (and Her Baby Sister)

Since we’ve moved Pixie has repeatedly requested bunk beds so that she can share a room with her sister. With the extra space we have this is not necessary, but it’s so sweet and causes no harm so we’ve agreed that once Elfin is sleeping better we’ll move her into her big sister’s bigger bedroom.

We’ve decorated the room with both girls in mind, adding a fabric mural covering one wall and a large toy storage unit on another. The final item to finish the magical theme of unicorns and fairies is the promised picture – but it had to incorporate a ballerina.

So I wanted to find a print that was pretty and would, hopefully, transcend time. Something that was not too adult for Elfin, nor too young for Pixie. I hope they both love my choice which I’ve decided to hold back as a surprise for Christmas.

The Perfect Bedroom for a Little Girl - Ballet Dancer Print
Dream Dance I

I love the muted pastel colours and the ethereal impression of the image, and I chose acrylic glass for the slightly translucent quality. I think it’s lovely, and the message is very apt since Pixie is hugely into fairies and all things fantasy – her imagination is inspiring and contagious!

An Unusual Christmas Gift That Endures

I had budget left to spend and decided to use it to treat my nieces and nephews to a different kind of present this year. I find it so difficult buying at every big celebration and ensuring I get something that’s worthwhile and won’t be outgrown in a matter of weeks.

I decided that a print would be a fab option as they can last forever (which feels more environmentally friendly, something which is on my mind a lot at the moment). I roped in my siblings to help choose the images so that I could be sure I got the right thing, and I’m so pleased with the results!

Bird Print and Bear Print
Bird Species – English, and Norwegian Woods, The Brown Bjorn

I’m glad I asked for my brother and sister-in-law’s opinions, as I wouldn’t have chosen the same as them – but they’re lovely. Best of all they’re a reflection of their family, which makes them personal gifts with meaning.

I remember the artwork hanging on the walls in my own childhood bedroom, and I love the idea of these pictures staying with my nieces and nephews into adulthood, and forming an integral part of their tender memories, too. Perhaps when they’re my age they’ll pass them on to their own children, or at least recall them with fondness. Far better than the plastic gift that breaks or is discarded after a fortnight!

Putting the Finishing Touches to My Office!

Finally, with the remaining budget I chose something which feels a little bit vain, though I can assure you I’m not arrogant – to the contrary. The acrylic print is pretty and matches the colour scheme in my office, and the wording is a reminder to myself when I’m suffering from Imposter Syndrome, which I do frequently!

Boss Lady Print
Boss Lady

The nature of being self-employed in a creative role is that the job you don’t land can feel oh-so-personal. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve felt insignificant or wanting – and these are the moments that overwhelm. Unfortunately, the compliments never seem to negate the less positive aspects of what I do. So while I do sometimes receive feedback that makes me squirm with pleasure (and embarrassment!), I still need a little affirmation to remind myself that I’m doing okay.


If you could choose some gorgeous prints from Posterlounge, what would you go for? Take a look on their site – you’ll be spoilt for choice! And get in quick with your choices because up until the 31st December I have a 15% discount for readers, using code REFINEDMINDPL15 at checkout.

This is a commissioned post. 


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