We might be moving. Well, we’re at the very beginning of our search anyway – I’m not convinced it will happen, but my husband is already as eager as an over-excited puppy! Which means we’re (he’s) regularly trawling RightMove hunting for the chocolate box house with perfect family bathroom, beautiful landscaped gardens, original features, etc, etc…

Basically, I spent the majority of my time in the small town seven miles away from us, and I often make the trip every day of the week; sometimes twice a day. Everything we do is there, from gymnastics to visiting the library and seeing friends. So it makes sense in that respect, but it’s also closer to both our mums and has good travel links. So if we’re going to relocate then that’s the place to be, and if we’re going to make the move then we ideally want to do it before Pixie starts school.

When we bought our first home it was a case of what we could afford, and not much beyond that. Then it was about getting to a better area, one where we wouldn’t mind raising a family. And now we’re re-evaluating our priorities again.

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Priorities When Searching for a New Family Home

One of the most important things for us is to get away from the noise and pollution of a busy road. It’s not the safety aspect that’s an issue where we live, because we’re at the bottom of a lovely residential road – but there’s a dual carriageway the other side of our neighbours home – and it’s a nuisance.

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I need a utility room because I’ve got used to having one and I hate mess! Somewhere to shut the sound of the washing machine and tumble dryer away is essential, and closing the door on the airers is equally necessary!

But another room I’d really love to place focus on if/when we move is the family bathroom.

What Does the Perfect Family Bathroom Look Like?

Where we currently live the bathroom is smartly decorated, if perhaps a little tired now through wear and tear – in particular the chips in the tiles from where the shower door fell off its hinges and smashed both the wall and the floor!

Thank god Pixie had just been taken out of the bath when that happened.

We have a shower over the bath which is adequate, especially since we have an en suite with a separate shower too. But the room is quite small, as is typical of many family homes these days. It’s sufficient to meet our needs, but it’s certainly not luxurious. There’s a small built in cupboard under the basin, but no room for extra storage in which to place fluffy towels (or – let’s be realistic – bath toys).

I’d love nothing more during our search than to find houses which boast walk-in showers, large clawfoot baths, and his-and-hers basins! Sadly I think I’ll be lucky to find even one such property within budget. But a bathroom with a separate bath and double-shower tray would be fabulous. A larger-than-average bath would also be wonderful for bathing the girls, and so I could comfortably hop in with them too!

A little over a year ago we did find our dream home with the perfect family bathroom – except it was on top of a busy road again! But ever since I saw it I’ve wanted to recreate the idyllic scenario it put me in mind of. It basically incorporated all of the things I’ve described above, with masses of extra space and lots of cupboard space.

Swoon…you know you’re getting old when you get excited about storage.

I think it’s unlikely but I’m not ready to give up just yet, and luckily we’re not in a huge rush. Wish me luck as we continue our search for the perfect family bathroom!



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  1. Ooh best of luck in your hunt. That little town isn’t my town by an chance is it? X

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