Personal Projects

As well as the things you’ll see me talking about regularly on the blog, I have other projects I’m undertaking in the background: my labours of love:


Cryptic Project

I do have something I’m working on currently, but it’s in its infancy and I’m not yet in a position to disclose details. Suffice to say it’s relevant to my niche of breastfeeding, and it’s something I’m extremely passionate about. It will take an awful lot of work to get off the ground, and I’m unconvinced I’ll be able to navigate the red tape to make it happen. But if I do then it might become my proudest achievement.

Watch this space!


My Positivity Project

Kate Tunstall
The closest I’ll get to Mim till she next visits home…

With the day to day stresses involved with being a parent, it’s all too easy to become overwhelmed, and to combat that in 2018 I ran a mini course, My Positivity Project – with a blogging friend. Mim is an expat living in Australia, so coordinating everything was interesting! The idea behind the project can be summed using my mission statement, which is:

Promoting mindfulness and gratitude for a more appreciative life – particularly in and of our children; championing gentle and supportive parenting which models the behaviours we wish to foster in our little ones.

Supporting parents just like us to live more fulfilled lives was a fantastic feeling. I’ve suffered my fair share of anxiety, so I understand very well how challenging my mindset can be – both for myself and those closest to me.

Whilst enthusiastic about our little community, Mim and I both saw the opportunities brought about by our blogs grow in 2018, and we had to make the difficult decision not to conclude My Positivity Project.

Nonetheless, it was a worthwhile venture which I’m proud to have been a part of.