[Ad] I’ve been a busy bee behind the scenes for the last few weeks, doing what I’ve coined as ‘pollinating positivity’. I’ve been painstakingly trying to pull off a new venture, and I’m incredibly proud to finally unveil Peonies & Peace, the new store here on my blog. It sells a range of organic, positive clothing, including gender neutral fashion for kids, feminist tshirts, and – of course – twinning shirts!

Ethical Vegan Clothing, UK

The vision was to create a range of ethical and sustainable clothes and accessories which reflects the ethos of the blog, namely positivity and wellbeing. Each design feeds into these ideas, with the aim being to have a collection of attractive clothes featuring powerful messages that you and your family can wear with pride.

The full range currently comprises ethical t shirts for adults, as well as organic children’s clothes and organic clothes for babies. For now, availability of our eco clothing is UK only, but I hope to expand this in the future.

Pollinate Positivity

What do I mean by this? I mean that we should not only be taking responsibility for and working on our own happiness and positivity, but that we should be modelling it for and promoting it to our children, and spreading it to those around us.

Smiles are contagious, and so are moods!

This design is available in a range of colours for babies, kids, and adults:

Positive Clothing

Above all else, the most significant message had to be positivity; thankfully for me that means the other categories naturally overlap and it wasn’t difficult to come up with positive t shirts to achieve my objective. I’ve created several inspirational t shirt designs for all the family, and in a variety of colours.

Positive Clothing: Choose Happy Baby Tee
Choose Happy: click the image to see all products available in this design.

Positive Clothing: Smile Long-Sleeved Kids Tee
Be Someone’s Reason to Smile: click the image to see all designs available in this design.

Gender Neutral Fashion For Kids

Another important aspect of the designs was always going to be gender neutral clothing for kids. I’ve spoken before about my feelings regarding the social construct of gender and how I despise the fact that our children are subjected to it from the moment they’re born.

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I wanted to do my bit to challenge the stereotypes of kids’ apparel by creating a range of gender neutral kids’ clothes. Some are simply neutral, others are more overt in their defiance of societal expectations with regard to children’s clothes and their corresponding colours.

Be Kind: click the image to see all products available in this design.

Feminist Tshirts

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m not a diehard Feminist, but I am feminist, in as much as I believe in equality. To that end I’ve designed several feminist tees and also a couple of feminist sweatshirts too.

I totally support smashing the patriarchy, but for me that also means supporting men in the specific ways they need too. That said, the feedback I’ve received is that men are not particularly interested in slogan tees, hence not yet having extended designs to that category. I hope to add some in due course.

Twinning Shirts

Finally, I’ve tried to ensure the majority of designs (where appropriate), are available as twinning outfits. Some of the more feminist message t shirts are not available for babies, but can still be bought in kids sizes.

Essentially, I want to encourage positivity and tolerance in the whole family, and in particular in our children. There are many issues in our society, and fixing those problems starts with the next generation.

I’ve created a range of twinning clothes bearing powerful, positive messages of kindness and tolerance, with the simple hope of making people smile and, ultimately, to promote peace.

Visit the shop here to browse our whole range of organic, positive clothing.


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