It’s March now and we *should* be nudging Spring – yet the country has come to a grinding halt as we’re in the grip of a nationwide whiteout! Despite being pretty, the reality is that for many of us with families it’s actually a huge inconvenience: it can keep us away from work – if not because travel is impossible, then because of a spontaneous loss of childcare.

Personally, I love the snow. I don’t let it frighten me and instead of refusing to leave the house at all, instead I take it easy on the roads and avoid traveling unnecessarily.

However I have to weigh things up and my sanity is also precious. Which sometimes means getting in the car.

So yes – on Tuesday I drove in the snow. My view is that when it’s forecast, the gritters will have been out and taken care of the roads. I have a four wheel drive so I feel fairly confident that if I’m sensible it shouldn’t be a problem. Of course, it does inevitably mean more time stuck at home too, which isn’t good news for anyone I don’t think? Not for us anyway – we certainly do better when we can get out and about. By which I mean Pixie is less fractious

When plans suddenly change unexpectedly it can throw you for a loop – at least is does me. I can really struggle with it as I’m a stickler for schedules and carving out time for work etcetera.

Losing that routine can be a real source of anxiety for me.


Roll With the Punches

As I can get quite frustrated and agitated when my and the girls’ routines are upset, I try to remind myself to look for the positives in every challenging situation – because they’re almost always there. On Wednesday, for example, I lost my childcare first thing in the morning which was a real downer for me since I only have one guaranteed working day each week. I also knew that I was unlikely to be driving anywhere.

I started to plan to do some baking with Pixie if Elfin napped, wrap up for a snow adventure(!), and then return home for a family film. But before we’d even finished breakfast – hubby was home. I really hadn’t expected him to not make it into work so it was a lovely treat! My childcare was reinstated (albeit from a different source) – and we had Daddy at home for the day.

It just goes to show that there really is no point to anxiety and bad feelings: they’d have been wasted in this case.


My Positivity Project

Speaking of work, writing this post is one of the things that was on my agenda. Following last month’s admission, I need to fill you in on the latest regarding my Happy Jar…

So, basically, I’ve given up on it. Because I just never did it. Oops. Buuuuuut…that’s okay – I’ve replaced it with something arguably (for a blogger) even better: I’m recording my daily happy moments in another way. I’ve gone back to regularly updating my IG Stories, which is really important for driving engagement on Instagram, yet something I’d got a bit lazy with.

The way I see it, being grateful and recording the positives from our days are what count.

Our personal methodology is completely irrelevant and should be whatever works for us. So far from beating myself up, I’m actually giving myself a pat on the back instead!


Find the Positives

Before I got started with work we went for that snowy trek – as a family. Today has been a good day.

How are you getting on with your Happy Jar? Do you have your own take on it like I do, or have you taken the prompt literally? And if you’ve not yet signed up to join in with the project – why not?! You can get involved by signing up below!

If you’re still struggling to find the positives in your life at the moment, you could try to find your purpose with numbers.

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