We’ve had a baby in our bedroom for some time now. Too long, some might say. So when I was recently approached by JD Williams to work together on a post-baby bedroom makeover, I (and my husband, bless him) got quite excited at the prospect. We started to make elaborate plans – shifting the furniture back to how it was before we needed to squeeze a cot beside our bed; new curtains; replace the bedsheets.

Oh, and, of course, reclaim the space as our own – no babies allowed!

  • We intended to get shot of the co-sleeping cot which, whilst having been a blessing, we’re more than ready to see the back of now – and I’m 99.99999% confident there will be no more babies in our home, so that was going to be listed for sale;
  • We wanted to rotate our bed 90° so that it’s no longer positioned under the window ledge;
  • The two wardrobes which are currently beside one another are to be separated, so there’s one each side of the bed;
  • replace curtains;
  • New bedding.

Essentially, we wanted to make the room feel less crowded, and definitely more grown up. Something like this:

Post-Baby Bedroom Makeover Heather Floral Sheets

We’re so over having toys strewn across the room, and finding plastic toy soldiers and fluffy green unicorns as bedfellows is not my idea of a relaxing way to drift off. Neither is hunting under my pillow for my Kindle and instead locating the missing cupcake from Pixie’s tea-set. Why is it that kids love playing in their parents bed so much?!

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So, we were stopping short of a complete redecorate, but we had lots we wanted to do to update and refresh!

Here’s how we got on…

Our Post-Baby Bedroom Makeover (Of Sorts)

No sooner had I agreed everything with the PR, having selected some gorgeous new bedsheets in my favourite heather and pale pink tones than Elfin had a massive sleep regression. Of course she did.

Post-Baby Bedroom Makeover Heather Floral Sheets

So, um, the bedroom makeover has not gone quite according to our fanciful, dreamy visions. Best laid plans and all that. Instead, we’ve achieved…

Post-Baby Bedroom Makeover
There’s a child in there. *Rolls eyes*

Well, I guess we have lovely new bedding while we attempt to transition Elfin out of my – I mean our (hubby will return soon) – bed. And in due course, once we’ve successfully removed our little squirt from where she’s taken up residence star-fishing in Daddy’s spot, perhaps then we’ll revisit the the refresh…

In the meantime, at least Elfin and I are sleeping on pretty (baby-poo-stain-free) sheets. Every cloud, right?

We were gifted the bedding in exchange for a feature in this post.


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