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If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know we installed a playroom last year when we converted our garage. I’ve not stopped going on about it since because part way through the work, what was meant to be my office, was hijacked and became yet another area of the house for the kids to take over. I jest – it’s actually lovely to be able to close the door on their toys.

We’ve been busy putting the finishing touches to the space, and this week saw us hang a beautiful piece of artwork for our first of several Posterlounge reviews.

When I teamed up with Posterlounge for this collaboration, I was unsure of exactly what I could expect from them – but I was not disappointed and I can promise you won’t be either. For a start, they have around 100,000 different prints for you to choose from, meaning there’s something for everyone, covering every category imaginable. If anything the sheer volume is a little overwhelming – I really wasn’t sure where to start my search!

Fortunately there are some brilliant tools on their website to ensure you find a piece of artwork in their range which you’ll love for years to come.

Before browsing through Posterlounge’s images, I first considered the room and location in which it would hang. There were still soooo many posters from which to choose, but knowing I wanted something to go in the playroom allowed me to think about context, space, and lighting in order to narrow my search.

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For inspiration, I first scrolled through the suggestions for ‘children’s room’, and when I didn’t find anything which leapt out I searched by keyword – for us that meant ‘fairies’, and then ‘unicorn’. The print I chose had to have an element of fantasy to satisfy Pixie (okay, me too), and when I found the one, I knew immediately…


After looking through lots and lots and lots of images I settled on this absolute beauty because it encompasses everything I wanted it to be and stand for. My husband and I are great book lovers, and though I’d not really considered it until I saw this picture, not only does Pixie love fantasy, she adores storytelling too. We absolutely encourage that, and want to foster the same delight in stories in her sister too.

Once I’d selected the image, I needed to choose a finish. There are six to choose from including poster, canvas, acrylic glass, and wood. It was a no-brainer for me: with the gorgeous colours it had to be acrylic glass – and the result is completely stunning.


Is Posterlounge legit? Absolutely! Our artwork arrived promptly several days later – albeit in packaging twice as large as the item inside! At first glance I was slightly concerned there was a scratch on the acrylic, but it was actually only on the protective film and the product was in perfect condition.

Incidentally, when I pulled that film off we were impressed with how incredibly vibrant the colours are.

I’m so thrilled with our fabulous artwork and highly recommend Posterlounge if you’re looking for a piece to brighten a room in your home.

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