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We’re proud to sell a range of organic, sustainable kids clothing, featuring messages of feminism and positivity. One of our really key messages for our children’s designs is gender neutral fashion for kids.
Most of our designs at Peonies & Peace are also available in infant to adult sizing, because twinning is winning!

Gender Neutral Clothing, UK

There’s no denying that baby clothes are super cute. There’s also no getting away from the fact that the majority of infant clothing is highly gendered, and that’s something we want to challenge with our gender neutral kids clothes.

Gender Neutral Fashion for Kids

Our ethos is that children should have freedom of expression, without the constraints of cultural and sexist stereotypes. Our gender neutral clothing for kids comes in a gorgeous palette of pastel and bright colours, and are available as baby neutral clothes, and for older kids too.

Gender Neutral T Shirts

We’ve focused on attractive and fun slogan t shirts in our children’s range, from the gender neutral t shirt, to the powerful feminist tops and the prints promoting positivity.

Within our range of long and short sleeve kids tees, we stock the following designs:

Actually, I Can

Let’s Go On An Adventure

In A World Where You Can Be Anything, Be Kind

Gender Neutral Kids Shirt (Boys / Girls)

Printed on a stereotypical colour with boys / girls crossed out and replaced with kids under a colourful rainbow, this is one of our proudest gender neutral t shirt designs.

Choose Happy

That’s Why I’m Cute

When It Rains, Look For Rainbows; When It’s Dark, Look For the Stars

Pollinate Positivity

Positive Vibes Only

Be Someone’s Reason to Smile

You Are My Sunshine

If you love joyful kids clothes and want to help challenge the stereotypes that affect our children practically from birth, these beautifully soft, ethical t shirts are perfect. They also make a perfect gift!