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If you follow my blog, you’ll know already that I’m a mum to two gremlins, and my blog is my third baby. And now here’s my fourth!

I set up Peonies & Peace on a bit of a whim; but nothing about it is unconsidered. I worked tirelessly in its infancy to create designs that reflect the ethos of The Less-Refined Mind, which, when you strip everything back, is simply about striving to achieve peace.

Wellbeing and Positivity Journals

Wellbeing and positivity journals are a powerful tool for improved mental wellbeing. Ours are designed to promote your happiness, through activities such as gratitude lists and colouring, and our adult journal is officially endorsed by psychologist Emma Kenny.

I wanted to create a thing of beauty and substance, which would feel precious and like a little piece of luxury in a busy and often challenging world. I thought about what things would make a journal perfect for me, and My Positivity Project is the result.

I’m so proud of the journal, on multiple levels, and following its success I also created a kids journal, and an allergy diary for breastfeeding mums.