Breastfeeding & CMPA / Allergy Food Diary


A complete tool for breastfeeding allergy parents to record, track, and analyse data.

A lifeline for children being cared for outside of the home.

This food diary is designed specifically with breastfeeding mothers in mind to help you find patterns in symptoms/reactions, plan challenges, and identify allergens. How to use this breastfeeding CMPA food diary.

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More support for CMPA.

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Created by a mum who has lived through CMPA and understands how overwhelming allergies are, this diary is designed to give you back a bit of the control you’ll inevitably feel you’ve lost.

Included in this comprehensive food diary are:

  • List of common allergens
  • ‘Don’t Forget to Check’ list
  • Milk ladder list
  • A safe foods page for your to complete
  • A confirmed allergens and products page for you to complete
  • A suspected allergens and products page for you to complete
  • Double page spread weekly planning pages
  • Planning pages include space for eliminations and challenges for the week
  • Double page spread daily diary pages
  • Double page spread weekly overview
  • Double page spread weekly graph and patterns
  • Double page spread monthly graph and patterns.

Use the graph pages to plot daily and weekly symptoms against severity, and the opposite page to analyse the data for patterns, to help you decide which foods to eliminate and then challenge.

The diary is more than 200 pages in length and covers 10 weeks / 2 months.

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