Quinny Zapp Flex Plus Review: I was sent the product in exchange for my honest opinion.

What’s the most important aspect of a stroller? Well, that absolutely depends on your needs of course! For me with both my girls, it’s been their comfort/ability to sleep. Neither of my girls took naturally to napping – I’ve sadly not had the pleasure of a baby I could lay down in a crib or cot and then watch drift peacefully into slumber.

Ha, is that even a thing, or are these napping babies the unicorns of children?!

I was recently sent the Quinny Zapp Flex Plus for review, which I was very excited to road-test. It’s undeniably stylish (Pixie loves it because it’s pink), and I’ve been using it for a few weeks now. Here’s my full review of the stroller…

Quinny Zapp Flex Plus – In the Box…

  • Chassis;
  • Seat unit including hood;
  • Rain cover;
  • Shopping basket;
  • Maxi-Cosi Car Seat Adaptors.

Specifications of the Quinny Zapp Flex Plus

  • Weight: 10.3 kg
  • Dims: 82 x 58 x 108 cm
  • Orientation: Forward and Parent-Facing
  • Harness: 5-point
  • Front Wheel size: Front 15″
  • Folded dims: 37.5 x 73 x 38.5 cm

Key Features of the Quinny Zapp Flex Plus

  • Rear and parent-facing options;
  • Reclines in both orientations;
  • From-birth solution;
  • Highly manoeuvrable;
  • Compact unit when folded;
  • Stylish, customisable design.

First Impressions

I describe the Quinny Zapp Flex Plus as a pushchair-stroller hybrid. Why? Because it can be used as a travel system (fantastic for when you’re still at the stage of using a portable car seat), and it has features of both a large pushchair, and a more portable stroller. But does this mean it’s the best of both worlds? Again, it depends on your priorities.

For my personal needs, above all else I must have a pushchair in which my baby will nap. With both girls it’s been the only solution to a very real problem on a number of occasions. And it’s the reason why, when I inadvertently ended up with a selection of strollers for review at the same time, the Zapp is the one we’ve stuck with:

Praise the Lord, Elfin sleeps!

Quinny Zapp Flex Plus Review - Sleeping Baby

Collapsing/Erecting the Quinny Zapp Flex Plus

There’s a really simple sequence for putting the stroller up and down, and the components are numbered to help you too. However, it can’t be done one-handed which is a shame – but that’s because it’s not your basic stroller…

Rear and Parent-Facing

I was specifically keen to review the Zapp Flex Plus because it can go both forward and parent facing. In the event, I’ve hardly used it parent-facing because Elfin is getting older and she’s quite content looking out. Plus the chassis can’t be folded down in rear-orientation – an additional faff I don’t need with a preschooler in tow! But it’s a fab feature for those with younger babies.


I think it’s the ergonomic shape of the seat Elfin loves so much: there’s a brilliant leg support built into the seat pod which has a ‘step’ for her bottom. Whatever magical quality it is that the seat possesses, suffice to say when she naps I recline her to lay horizontally, set her up with some white noise, and – hallelujah! – she’ll often have a blissful stint of 90 minutes or more. (Personally I think that’s everything you need to know.)

Quinny Zapp Flex Plus Review - Fully Reclined

Wheels and Brakes

With pushchair brakes, I find that lifting a pedal up to take the brake off can result in sore toes or scuffed shoes! The Zapp Flex has separate pedals for putting the brake on/off which I’m a fan of.

The large, heavy wheels make the unit sturdy over rough terrain, with good manoeuvrability. The ride feels smooth and having a closed handlebar makes one-handed steering a breeze.

Quinny Zapp Flex Plus Review - Wheels

Size and Weight

The down-side of large wheels is that though nice and compact when folded, the unit is also fairly heavy at a little over 10kg. Nonetheless, if it’s only going in and out of your boot, then that’s not a problem. Plus the frame itself is very lightweight which helps (though can make the stroller bottom-heavy/liable to tip if using a clip for bags on the handle!).

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Shopping Basket

There’s no getting around it – if a large basket is a priority then this stroller is not for you. However, if you have a car then it may not be relevant.

Quinny Zapp Flex Plus Review - Baby Climbing in Basket
Elfin demonstrating basket capacity.

I drive to most places at the moment and I’ve got around the limited capacity/access by using a clip on the handle for my change bag. There’s also an additional shopping bag available as an add-on accessory. It’s unfortunate that the sides of the basket aren’t taller as that would definitely help.

Quinny Zapp Flex Plus Review - Basket

Sun Canopy

The hood extends with an extra panel zipped away, and it’s made of a lovely smooth fabric. I’d have loved an additional panel for when the seat is fully reclined, however for full coverage you can purchase the Zapp X Airy Sun Canopy. I didn’t have this accessory in time for our recent holiday – so I improvised: I turned the rain cover round and used that instead! (Be aware this doesn’t offer the UPF 50+ protection of the sun canopy, but if you’re desperate to get the hot sun off your baby it can be used as a temporary solution with the zip open to maximise air flow.)


I love the contemporary look of the Quinny Zapp Flex Plus:

It has a seek design, it’s available in pretty colours, and it has so many other options which allow you to personalise the stroller to meet your own requirements and preferences!

Few other pushchairs currently on the market can compete in the style stakes!

Quinny Zapp Flex Plus Review - Upright


The Quinny Zapp Flex Plus is a brilliant solution for parents who drive. It looks fab and can be used from birth onwards, with highly customisable options. It may not suit those seeking a more robust pushchair with a large shopping basket, or those needing a very lightweight stroller with one-handed fold; but if your priority is a compact, smart and sophisticated stroller then you can’t go wrong with this one.

The RRP of the Quinny Zapp Flex Plus is £339.99, and if it meets your requirements then that’s great value.

With thanks to Quinny for collaborating for this Quinny Zapp Flex Plus review.

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