If you’re not new here then you may have noticed that over the last couple of months, I’ve rebranded. I’ve added a new header image to this page and across my social media channels; and more recently I’ve also changed my tagline, photo, and bio description over on the right there. >>

I’ve not got around to telling you guys what it’s all about, and I thought I should really explain!

Essentially, I felt it was time for a refresh and update, to reflect my changing personal circumstances.

When I started blogging everything revolved around the tiny new human in my life – kind of like a hurricane, you could say, because my whole life became a bit of a whirlwind! I was consumed with anxiety and love, and nappies and love, and tiredness and love.

Things started to equalise around toddlerhood…and we got smug or something, because after several false starts, we decided we could do it all again. Of course, if you’ve followed me since that time you’ll know I’ve struggled having two. A lot.

I can probably put most of that down to the difficulties of having an allergy baby: the incessant colic, the constant stress, the woefully insufficient sleep…

Combined with a high needs toddler and a temporary loss of chocolate, I did not cope well.

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Much though I’d love to experience pregnancy – and even labour – again; to hold another tiny infant in my arms…I just can’t do it. The sheer intensity of that time makes me quite certain that I can’t – mustn’t – have another child.

After what feels like a long, long, looooong time, life has started to get easier. Most nights now I’m only up once or twice, which is very manageable. I’m finding I can be positive again; my anxiety has diminished; I’m able to meet friends for dinner.

I’m rediscovering life as more than a mother.

Naturally, my children will always remain the centre of my universe. But I’m allowing myself to acknowledge that though my beautiful girls may define me, there’s more to me than being Pixie and Elfin’s mum.

With age, priorities change. I’m a different woman to who I was pre-children, and so I’m having to learn what matters to me now. If I was comfortable with using a really wanky phrase, I might say ‘I’m on a journey of self-discovery’.

I know I am passionate about giving my girls the best life I can, while balancing that with being content myself. A large part of that is going to be managing my anxiety so I can provide a stable and positive foundation for Pixie and Elfin in which to thrive.

I’m striving to Think Better, Live Better… Feel Better.

With the help of my wonderful husband I think I’m winning that battle.

So, that’s why the rebrand. I hope you’ll continue to follow our family adventures – with more of a focus on my personal ones too. <3


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An award-nominated blogger and author, Kate is an experienced breastfeeding advocate, and expert baby sleep chaser. Her writing has appeared on Mothercare, Huff Post, and BritMums.


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