After weeks and weeks of quiet anticipation and hinting that I may have something exciting about to take place, I can fiiiinally share:

If you missed the social media updates, on Tuesday I was fortunate enough to be recording a podcast with Cherry Healey.

It was a surreal experience, but also lovely – and if you’re a bit nosy like me you’ll be chomping at the bit wanting deets (several friends have contacted me for this very reason). Well, your wish is my command; so let’s begin, as they say, at the beginning…

I’ve been a fan of Cherry ever since she first came to our screens – years ago. Both my hubby and I loved her sense of humour and no nonsense approach to those she interviewed for her documentaries. And those eyes! There’s something very special about the way one look from Cherry can convey so much meaning. Genius.

Back in June I attended BritMums Live, where Cherry was a speaker. I was looking forward to seeing her up on stage… But I was more interested in attempting to get a selfie with her (obvs). So when she walked past me I seized my opportunity and pounced. In a completely non-fan-girl way. Ahem.

Recording a Podcast with Cherry Healey
Fan-girling over Cherry Healey.

As you can see from the above photo, I was totally normal and she was totally at ease…

Following the conference I downloaded the book Cherry had been promoting (review to follow shortly). I thought I’d chance my arm and ask whether she’d like to send me some signed copies for a giveaway alongside the review I planned to write. I was delighted when she agreed, and we were in contact via DM for a few weeks to make arrangements.

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Alas, when the books arrived there was a small problem: Cherry had written a lovely message to me in one of them – but forgotten to sign the others… Dilemma. I really didn’t want to appear ungrateful.

Luckily, the woman is a superstar.

When I told her what had happened, she very kindly offered to sign them if I could bear to return them to her – or we could meet up. Obviously I had to think long and hard about that one, but eventually I decided I could probably squeeze her into my schedule. Ha!

After a few more weeks of planning and ironing out the details, I was invited to Cherry’s house (to ensure sound quality), which was completely surreal but not entirely unexpected – I realised we couldn’t really meet up in a cafe or bar! So I agreed, despite the schlep to West London, because if nothing else it was obviously going to be a very cool experience.

Honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to the travelling when I got up yesterday morning, but it really wasn’t so bad in the end. I managed to get some work done on the train and prepared a little by reading back over some of Cherry’s book. (I only wish I’d thought to go over some of my own breastfeeding posts too – I hope I don’t sound too vague on the podcast having written some of them more than a year ago: between trying to recall details from way back when, coupled with baby brain… Let’s just say I probably could have prepared better. Oops.)

At Liverpool Street I popped into M&S for a little something to take with me, as you can’t turn up to someone’s house empty handed, obviously. I decided on stollen, what with it being Christmas, and hoped Cherry likes marzipan!

When I arrived on her road it made me smile to see that Cherry’s was the only house to have a bright pink door!

As I lifted my hand to knock she opened it as though she’d heard me and looked like a rabbit in headlights for just a moment – but then she pulled me inside and gave me a hug and everything was normal and lovely.

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Cherry made refreshments (salted caramel green tea in an elephant-shaped teapot), and then we sat down to get started. But I suppose what you really want to know is what sort of house someone off the telebox lives in, right? Well, Cherry is very normal and so is her home. For West London I’m sure her ‘normal’ house is actually a rather nice one, but the most striking thing I noticed about the place was definitely the flamboyant front door! (I secretly loved it despite not being a big fan of bright pink.)

We didn’t eat the stollen, but my stomach (the pregnant one which currently has a voracious appetite) did growl during the podcast – if you listen closely you’ll probably hear it. If not, just listen out for when Cherry passes comment. Cringe.

We had a good old chinwag and didn’t cover half the things we’d meant to, but while I was there I felt like I was catching up with a an old friend. I could have chatted to Cherry for another couple of hours, alas she keeps her podcasts to 45 minutes, so after about an hour and a half with her we were done and I was on my way back home.

So that was my super exciting day! I hope this gives you a little insight to the craziness – but also the normalness – of a lady I know many of you are a little in awe of.Save



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  1. Oooh how exciting. I love Cherry, she’s fab, her book was great too. I would have jumped at the chance to do that too!

    • Kate Tunstall

      She’s fab, isn’t she! It was a brilliant opportunity. ☺️