About Peonies & Peace

If you follow my blog, you’ll know already that I’m a mum to two gremlins, and my blog is my third baby. And now here’s my fourth!

I set up Peonies & Peace on a bit of a whim; but nothing about it is unconsidered. I worked tirelessly in its infancy to create designs that reflect the ethos of The Less-Refined Mind, which, when you strip everything back, is simply about striving to achieve peace.

Journal Prompts for Self Discovery

Wellbeing and Positivity Journals

I wanted to create a thing of beauty and substance, which would feel precious and like a little piece of luxury in a busy and often challenging world. I thought about what things would make a journal perfect for me, and My Positivity Project is the result.

I’m so proud of the journal, on multiple levels, and following its success I also created a kids journal, and an allergy diary for breastfeeding mums.

I also designed a range positive, organic clothing for women and kids. I’ve chosen to take a break from that line right now, but may return to it at a later date.

Liberal, Sustainable, Ethical Apparel

For me, a huge part of being at peace is promoting a positive, feminist, and liberal attitude; the other is caring for our planet. With that in mind, you can be sure that when you purchase products from Peonies & Peace, every garment is made responsibly, from organic cotton.

I’ve carefully selected partners whose values match mine, to ensure the products I sell are ethical and sustainable.

The principal objective for Peonies & Peace is to create apparel that the whole family will love, especially when conveying and promoting important messages for the next generation. Plus twinning is winning, so there’s that too.

I hope you’ll enjoy browsing the collections and I welcome your feedback! Please feel free to get in touch with your questions or comments.