This morning I looked out of the window into the garden below and – just days after the last sprinkling of snow has melted and disappeared – I saw a daffodil. How’s that for a metaphor?! It’s made hubby and I all excited for clearing up the garden in anticipation of summer. And though I hate to admit it (bit grim really), since we completed the garage conversion we’ve still not quite finished clearing up out there. Oops. So here’s a list of simple projects to give your garden a makeover for the warmer seasons…

Are you looking for simple garden inspiration to improve your outside space easily, and perhaps also get the children involved? Check out these ideas. #garden #inspo


Simple Projects to Give Your Garden a Makeover

Clear the Garden

It’s the least fun to do but in many senses the most rewarding – once you have a clean slate to work from the space will appear to multiply and you’ll find the enthusiasm to continue down this list! If you haven’t the time or inclination to do tip runs yourself (don’t blame you – me neither) then you’ll be delighted to discover that companies exist specifically to do this job for you. You’re welcome.


Paint Fences

I know, equally boring, but – you can totally get the kids on board with this one. Give them a paintbrush and (get dad to) supervise from the comfort of a deckchair. Bribe with the cakes you’re busy baking with the toddler indoors (where it’s warm and dry – it’s still cold out there!), and this is a brilliant way to occupy young children.

They may even surprise you and themselves by enjoying the responsibility – and doing a half-decent job!

Yeah, unlikely, but you never know…

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Add a Child-Friendly Corner

Speaking of children, this is a brilliant opportunity to construct an area of the garden that’s designed specifically for the children. This is a great idea on two counts: not only will it please your littles no end, it will also keep the little tykes from playing football where your prized roses are thriving – at least that’s the theory!

You could include a little plot for them to dig and plant in, a mud kitchen, or tiles for them to draw on with outdoor chalk. And to keep their grass patch looking tiptop year round – no matter what’s (literally) thrown at it – my top tip is to invest in some artificial grass for your kids’ corner.


Create Drama With Splashes of Colour!

This one can be coincided with a legitimate trip to the local garden centre for tea and cake, because it’s a necessity in order to pick up the bedding flowers and such. If you’re planting bulbs, just be sure to check the recommended dates for best results or you may be disappointed! You’d be surprised (or maybe not…) by how many times we’ve messed up here and missed the boat.


Prune Existing Plants

Time to be ruthless and chop back your withering plants to encourage them to thrive! You may also like to consider moving bits around in the garden to make room for new focal points, or if they didn’t do so well in their current spots last year.

Construct a Focal Point

If you’re really going for that wow factor you could lay a new patio and update your garden furniture, or build a dedicated barbecuing area, or – space-permitting – even erect a gorgeous garden arch over which to train roses or your favourite climber.

The only limiting factor is your imagination!


Easy Fixes for Fabulous Results!

Had you seen our garden several years ago during the work on our front drive (we needed a dumping ground for a bit and the back garden was it) – well, I was horrified. Fast forward to a couple of years later after a lot of hard work and dedication from my hubby, followed by plenty of digging and sowing with Pixie and our garden is transformed to somewhere we’re proud of. Apart from the small matter of the bits which require clearing of course, but that’s easily fixed now the weather has improved.

It’s amazing how a few simple projects to give your garden a makeover can breathe fresh life into a previously wasted space; and even if you don’t become green-fingered overnight, it’s such rewarding work to see life flourishing outside your window!

There’s nothing Pixie loves better than getting outside during the warmer weather, and we absolutely encourage that. So – shhhhhh – I know what hubby will be doing next weekend…

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