When I was invited to collaborate with Simply Be I initially thought I was the wrong target audience and that I’d have to decline – I even drafted the email before deciding to just double confirm my belief about the brand. And I’m so glad I did because as it turns out, Simply Be is not only for plus size fashion – who knew?!

Discovering Simply Be is Not Only for Plus Size Fashion

When I started browsing, I really didn’t know what to expect from Simply Be because, being under the misapprehension that they wouldn’t cater for me, I’d never previously looked at their site. So I was very pleasantly surprised to find they stock lots of popular brands such as Monsoon and Coast, as well as underwear and fitness brands. And though Simply Be do have a large selection of and specialise in plus size clothing, they also have plenty of options for more petite sizes too.

I was gifted budget to find myself a new outfit, and I’m elated with my items! Here’s the full outfit I opted for (you’ll have to excuse my ‘arty’ selfies because I was home alone when photographing the clothes!):

Simply Be is Not Only for Plus Size Fashion - Outfit

I selected jeans, because a girl can never have too many pairs (and I didn’t have any that fitted comfortably since having my second baby!); a beautifully soft jumper; and trendy trainers. I’m in love with them all.

It’s not often I spend money on myself these days, because I always deem something or someone a greater priority; par for the course as a mother I suspect. And so, having to create an outfit for myself was a rare, frivolous treat!

I didn’t actually ‘need’ these clothes, but I spent time browsing, narrowing down, and ultimately coveting some gorgeous pieces. I’ve received multiple compliments on both the jumper and the trainers!

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Steal My Style…

Eco Made Slim Leg Jeans With COOLMAX®

What people don’t know – but are super impressed by when I tell them – is that my new jeans are 97% recycled bottles! Mind. Blown.

They also feature COOLMAX® which moves moisture (sweat – let’s call it what it is) away from your body, so they’ll be perfect in the summer. They’re a size bigger than I’d usually wear because that’s the smallest they come in, but that’s perfect for me because they’re also higher waisted than my usual choice – I have this weird thing where I can’t wear anything snug across my abdomen or I get bloated and ill! (Some styles start from a size 8, others from a 10.)

The jeans are straight-legged and feature some frayed detailing, giving a casual and contemporary look. The fit is comfortable and I’m a big fan of these, all the more because I know they’re environmentally friendly.

Right now they’re perfect with the gorgeous jumper I also chose, and in the summer I’ll style rolled up with a smart blouse and sandals.

Simply Be is Not Only for Plus Size Fashion - Jeans Pocket

Monsoon Saturn Star Embellished Jumper

Navy blue (the my new black) with gold thread and beading, this is simply stunning. I love everything about this jumper from the exceptional quality, to the quirky design, to the softness of the wool. The exquisite embroidery offsets the eccentric celestial theme, making it classy instead of peculiar. I don’t want to take it off.

This particular design has sold out at the time of writing, however Monsoon have a selection of lovely alternatives. If I were rich I’d have one in every style.

Simply Be is Not Only for Plus Size Fashion - Jumper Embellishment

Daniel Malinas Leather Contrast Trainers

My relationship history with trainers is not good: I invariably buy the wrong thing. Either too big, too small, or with an uncomfortable seam that leaves me with a blister after each wear. So I had high hopes for these – and I’m thrilled with them!

I like my clothes or an aspect of my outfit to be subtly unusual in some way, so I was drawn to the double zips on these. The understated snake print adds interest, and the overall impression is an elegant, smart trainer.

Simply Be is Not Only for Plus Size Fashion - Trainers

I’m really pleased to have been introduced to Simply Be, and  having learned that they cater for my size, I’ll definitely be returning to their website. Did you know Simply Be is not only for plus size fashion?

Voluptuously curvy or neatly petite, if you receive the versatile gift of cash this Christmas, why not give them a look? With so much choice, you won’t be disappointed.

I received the featured products in exchange for this post.


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