Sleepyhead Grand baby pod review – I was gifted the item in exchange for my honest opinion.

They say you should never work with children or animals. Well, this past couple of weeks I found out why. I was recently sent the Sleepyhead Grand Baby Pod to review, which I was very excited about because Elfin is still a pain in the bum and we mostly co-sleep at the moment. Which essentially means I frequently wake up with her feet in my back or her fists in my face. The Grand was supposed to eliminate all of these issues whilst also keeping her safe, and – hopefully – cosy, ie. asleep.

Sleepyhead Grand Baby Pod
The perfect night’s sleep…?

Unfortunately at around the time the product arrived, Elfin was very poorly. As I write it’s the first day in literally weeks that she’s well – thank goodness because I’ve been at the End. Of. My. Rope. I usually try to turn reviews around within a couple of weeks of receiving the item, only this time I had a problem: no way was Elfin going in that pod.

For the past two weeks, she’s basically slept sporadically but very, very little – and only ever in my or her dad’s arms. What on earth was I going to doooooo?

Thankfully, several nights ago we had a major breakthrough, and actually this experience has allowed me to write a very honest review for you…

Are you desperate to get your baby to sleep and resorted to co-sleeping? Are you looking for a way to do this safely and effectively, to ensure both you and your little one get the rest you need? Or perhaps you're looking for help with transitioning your toddler into a bed? Check out my review to see it the Sleepyhead Grand baby pod could help! #cosleeping #babysleep #transitioning #babypod


Sleepyhead Grand Baby Pod Review

Here’s the bottom line: I love the product. It has such massive potential, and I absolutely intend to persist with it because we’re definitely making headway. But the truth is that I cannot guarantee it will work for your child. This is, of course, true of most baby products; where babies are concerned, we mustn’t neglect to account for their personal preferences:

They have their own – very stubborn – little minds, right from the get go!

Sleepyhead Grand Baby Pod


Why I Love the Sleepyhead Grand Baby Pod

Clingy/stubborn babies aside, the Sleepyhead is fab. It’s a high quality multi-functional stage two pod, and I wanted one for Elfin to facilitate co-sleeping safely and comfortably. I actually didn’t plan (or want) to co-sleep, for the sake of my marriage. However, desperation saw me very quickly go back on that. I had previously thought Pixie was a nightmare sleeper – but with the benefit of hindsight, although she wasn’t ‘good’, I’d take her schedule over her sister’s Every. Single. Time.

Once co-sleeping became the only viable way for everyone to get some zzz’s, I wanted to feel confident that Elfin was safe. I also needed to be comfortable because otherwise it was a futile attempt at getting more sleep. Enter the Sleepyhead Grand…


Safety, Comfort, and Hygiene of the Sleepyhead Grand Baby Pod

The pod is a single piece, meaning that baby is cocooned – but without the hazard of pillows or bumpers, etc; and the base is springy and super cosy, not at all too thin or hard. Basically, if they made one for adults, I totally would.

The covers feature handles to assist with portability, and are removable for easy cleaning. You can also buy additional covers in beautiful designs, should you be so inclined (I like this one and this one). All materials are breathable, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and offer excellent air-permeability for maximum comfort and hygiene.

Sleepyhead Grand Baby Pod


Versatility of the Sleepyhead Grand Baby Pod

Possibly the most ingenious aspect of the pod is that it’s so versatile. It can be used:

  • For tummy time;
  • As a cot reducer;
  • Bed-sharing;
  • Bed-transitioning;
  • Travelling.

The pod comes in two stages: Deluxe for 0 – 8 months, and Grand, for 9 – 36 months. This means you can use if from birth right through to transitioning into a toddler bed.


Is the Sleepyhead Grand Baby Pod Good Value?

At £205 if it does what you need it to do, then without question it’s fantastic value. It’s essentially a portable baby bed with multiple uses. I don’t think that’s a lot of money to pay – if it works for your family.

My final thoughts on the Sleepyhead Grand are that with patience and gentle encouragement, it can be a wonderful accessory to help make your baby feel safe and secure. In that sense, it may aid sleep once your baby reaches the point of being ready to sleep, but I won’t pretend it possesses magical properties.

For us, it’s definitely been worth having so far, but alas it’s not quite been the miracle cure I’d wished for – the sad truth is that it doesn’t exist: your baby will sleep when s/he is ready to and no amount of cajoling will speed up that process I’m afraid!

Final update: by the time I’d finished writing my Sleepyhead Grand baby pod review, Elfin had still not quite managed an entire night in the pod. However, there have been huge improvements and in the daytime we’ve even watched her climb into it and lay down, just because. Upshot: I’m confident she’s accepted it – hallelujah – we have something to work with! – and the only reason she invariably ends up in my bed is because since being so unwell, her favourite place is attached to me. <3




  1. We have the deluxe for Charlotte and will be looking to move up to the grande soon. Arthur was never a sleeper so I was willing to try anything to make sure we didn’t go the same way with Charlotte and she is better than he was but still not great. I take the deluxe with me when we go away to fit in travel cots and in my bed next to me as we cosleep at home it does make cosleepubg feel safer I have to admit

    • I wish I’d tried the Deluxe but didn’t consider it for some reason. We’re getting on well with the Grande now though, I’m sure it’s helped Elfin feel secure. Although she’s still a pretty awful sleeper!

  2. I’m currently pregnant with my second and I’m considering getting one of these! If anything they just seen like a cosy safe place for a snuggle down!

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