In March 2019, I rebranded to put more of a focus on the things that matter to me and which I’ll be writing more about, specifically sustainability, positivity, and wellbeing. I added a new header image to the blog and across my social media channels, and updated my tagline, photo, and bio description (over on the right there if you’re on desktop >>).

The time felt right for a refresh and update, to reflect my changing personal circumstances. I’m rediscovering life as more than a mother.

Naturally, my children will always remain the centre of my universe. But I’m allowing myself to acknowledge that though my beautiful girls may define me, there’s more to me than being Pixie and Elfin’s mum. With age, priorities change. I’m a different woman to who I was pre-children, and so I’m having to learn what matters to me now. If I was comfortable with using a really wanky phrase, I might say I’m on a ‘journey of self-discovery‘.

I’m passionate about giving my girls the best life I can, while balancing that with being content myself. A large part of that is going to be managing my anxiety so I can provide a stable and positive foundation for Pixie and Elfin in which to thrive.

Another huge part of my life these days is living more sustainably. I’m trying to live better generally, and at the start of 2020 I opened a shop on the blog selling organic clothes featuring positive messages. Unfortunately due to unreliable suppliers i suspended all clothes after almost a year, however I still sell wellbeing journals and an allergy diary through the shop.

A Greener Lifestyle

One of the ways in which I’m determined to do this is by campaigning for a more sustainable world.

Recyclable Materials

I do this by educating myself on environmental issues and then sharing what I discover about zero waste living, in the hope of inspiring others to join me. Some of my most popular posts about sustainability include:

For the sake of my conscious and the world I want for my children, I’m striving to Think Better, Live Better… Feel Better.

Going forward there will also be a shift of focus away from babies and breastfeeding and more towards lifestyle, including more posts on more self-care, home and fun and adventures – both with and without the children!


  1. Looking lush and sophisticated as usual. Looking forward to seeing where it takes you.

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