In my final post of 2015, I mentioned that I’d be focusing more on the blog. And I’ve been thinking about how best to do that in a way that both adds value for you guys, but that I also enjoy – otherwise what’s the point, right? (Besides which, my logic is thus: if I ain’t having fun writing it, you sure as H ain’t gonna have fun reading it!)

So one of my new regular posts is essentially a Gratitude List. And as it will be going out on a Thursday, and because I am totally inspired and witty, I’m calling it Thankful Thursday. Bet you didn’t see that one coming, huh?

I sometimes struggle with anxiety and stress. I want to raise my daughter to be more like her dad in temperament: laid back; serene; POSITIVE. I want glass-half-full to be her default attitude. And I know that one of the best ways to keep my demons at bay is being mindful of the reasons that I am, in fact, very fortunate.

The theory, then, is that this will enable me to demonstrate the benefit of a relaxed, optimistic mindset. Or, at least I won’t have to feel too guilty if she winds up being as equally up-tight as her mother…

I can try my best to show her the way, but I can’t alter her DNA.

That sounds even better than I intended because it rhymes. I expect I’ll be using it again; it will likely become a blog catchphrase.

So, I’m kicking off the first of the series with five things from 2015 for which I am thankful:

  1. Staying home with my daughter at the end of my maternity leave makes me grateful Every. Single. Day. She truly is the light of my life.
  2. Having a fabulous husband, who pulls me up – specifically out of my PNA last year.
  3. Reaching the point where our daughter’s sleep is acceptable is quite momentous!
  4. Reconnecting with a couple of old friends has been lovely.
  5. Finding an unofficial mentor who has helped me enormously with this blog and given me ambition, direction, and drive! (Yay!)
  6. Finding out I’m going to be an auntie again in 2016 was wonderful!

I couldn’t stick to just five, I’ve a feeling that may be a common theme. And I’m okay with that because it means life is GOOD! Although in fairness, I had 12 months of wonderful memories and madness to select from. My weekly lists may be more about stopping to smell the flowers – figuratively, or even literally. I have a toddler after all.


  1. I love this! Something I think we should all do.
    My new years resolution this year (that I will for once stick to!) Is to make note of something wonderful/ humorous that happens or my daughter does every single day and place in a glass jar. That way you can see the greatness in your life mount up as a reminder when times are not so great.

    • Kate Reply

      What a wonderful idea! I love this, particularly as it will make a lovely keepsake for your daughter! (I might copy…) x

  2. imatwinmama Reply

    Oh this is lovely – and rather refreshing! I think I am a bit of a natural pessimist so it’s good to take stock and remember how many awesome things there are in life.

    • Absolutely! And I’m so happy that I can tell you from experience – natural pessimists can change if they want to! Since I started this my mindset is so much improved. ?

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