Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday #66

It’s that time again already – almost the weekend! Which for the majority of my readers means it’s very nearly time to not have a day off, and not have a lay in. *Smiles wryly*

It’s also the time of the week I take a moment to muse on my fortuity and count my blessings (here’s why if you missed week #1).

Here are a few more reasons I have been grateful this week:

  1. Lying in bed last night, my cheeky daughter said ‘Get me a wipe please, off you pop’. I had to try very hard not to crack up and encourage the attitude! I’ll have to have a word with hubby though, because he says this to me a lot (in jest) which is clearly where it’s come from!
  2. I’m 36 weeks pregnant today, and though I’m beginning to feel uncomfortable and tired, I’m 36 weeks pregnant!
  3. I had a Skype meeting on Monday and – despite Pixie refusing to sleep which meant Peppa in the background (professional…) – I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere with a technical issue on my blog. It’s such a relief, made all the better by the fact that we’re doing a skills swap so I can save my pennies because this level of expertise does not come cheap!
  4. Pixie is not perfect (yesterday afternoon I’d go so far as to say she was tiresome, not through naughtiness but just being a toddler); but we have some of the best times too. Like this morning, when she was an absolute delight. We read a book and then I did something I’ve not done with her before – when she asked for it a second time, I asked her to tell me the story instead. I also stopped throughout the book to explain lots of the words I guessed she wouldn’t understand and it felt like some really quality time. It was lovely.
  5. Excuse my proud mummy moment, because this might come off as sounding like Pixie is perfect… I cannot believe how well she’s doing with potty training. She’s even having dry nights now! She’s had one accident in the first week, and I’m pretty happy with that. I know it’s not before time, but it just goes to show what can happen when you follow their lead and don’t force it.
  6. Yesterday was beautiful weather and we visited our local RHS garden with good friends (Pixie wore her Minions onesie, because why not?). The little ones braved running through a sprinkler and I was laughing – till I realised just how soaked Pixie had gotten! Lucky I was carrying spare clothes in case of an accident. They had a lot of fun though, and that’s what being a child is all about.

I hope you’re also having a wonderful week!

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