Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday #69

It’s that time again already – almost the weekend! Which for the majority of my readers means it’s very nearly time to not have a day off, and not have a lay in. *Smiles wryly*

It’s also the time of the week I take a moment to muse on my fortuity and count my blessings (here’s why if you missed week #1).

Here are a few more reasons I have been grateful this week:

  1. Every time I’ve seen a friend over the past week we’ve been parting saying ‘next time there might be a baby’ – I’m so ready and getting very excited!
  2. It’s been a tough week for one reason and another, but with that comes perspective. For example, I had a bad day on Monday, but what followed on Tuesday made the first drama seem completely irrelevant. And though I had some terrible news on Tuesday, I am also very focused on having a new baby. And so the world goes round!
  3. Pixie is so funny. Now that her reward chart has started working and encouraged her to happily go to sleep without mummy or daddy sitting beside her, she has developed a really cute little game when we say goodnight: She has to ask that we remove our heads to leave with her for cuddles. Naturally we humour her and pretend to unscrew our necks.
  4. Last week I mentioned I’d been hacked and that I’m getting help. The team are fantastic and I’ve now received the all clear for my site being clean, as well as lots of pointers for making necessary improvements. I’m so relieved and grateful.
  5. I can’t seem to switch off from work. I keep meaning to wind down and stop taking on paid jobs, but when an email lands in my inbox, if it’s a good fit then I find it hard to say no. So I’m incredibly grateful that I’m in the very fortunate position that I can turn down anything that isn’t right.

I hope you’re also having a wonderful week!

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