Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday #74

It’s that time again already – almost the weekend! Which for the majority of my readers means it’s very nearly time to not have a day off, and not have a lay in. *Smiles wryly*

It’s also the time of the week I take a moment to muse on my fortuity and count my blessings (here’s why if you missed week #1).

Here are a few more reasons I have been grateful this week:

  1. Colic – Jesus Christ I have felt cursed this week. So I have been insanely grateful for my baby girl giving me her first ever beautiful big smiles in the last few days. I was beginning to think she didn’t like me. (I’m not even joking.)
  2. Pixie’s errant behaviour has dissipated. I’m so relieved as I was starting to think she didn’t like me either. Thankfully I appear to have a few more years reprieve before becoming an object of their scorn.
  3. Pixie is so funny at times. I obviously wouldn’t take this from anyone else, but when she said it was hilarious – despite the fact it was a completely genuine insult… Yesterday morning I told her I was putting on my dressing gown and asked if she wanted to wear hers. She asked me which one I was going to wear so I told her the one with the feathers on it. She responded with ‘that’s not feathers – it’s bird poo’. Thanks dear.
  4. A good friend and I had our weekly catch up this week, and I was elated that Pixie  (and Elfin) slept soundly for the entire time. (Last week was a bit ruined because this was very much not the case.)
  5. Poor little Elfin has had dreadful baby acne recently, apparently this is due to my hormones being passed through my milk. One more reason to feel guilty… Anyway, I’m delighted that it’s well on its way to clearing up now, bless her.

I hope you’re also having a wonderful week!

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