It’s that time again already – almost the weekend! Which for the majority of my readers means it’s very nearly time to not have a day off, and not have a lay in. *Smiles wryly*

It’s also the time of the week I take a moment to muse on my fortuity and count my blessings (here’s why if you missed week #1).

Here are a few more reasons I have been grateful this week:

  1. I’m sitting in Starbucks and Elfin is awake – but still enthralled by the toy I affixed to her pushchair last week! She’s been grinning at doing at it since we got out of the car! Still so cute,best £2.50 I’ve ever spent I think!
  2. We have our tongue tie referral this afternoon. I’m a little anxious but will be relieved to know one way or the other.
  3. The kids in here are screeching, which I can’t bear. It makes me so grateful that Pixie doesn’t do that. Especially since they’ve just set Elfin off. Raaaage.
  4. Pixie asked me to her may be the other other day. <3
  5. We had a fab weekend visiting my brother and his family, and we’ve now made plans to spend Christmas with them at their incredible new home. Definitely something to look forward to!
  6. Ah, my baby girl didn’t need to have her frenulum snipped. <3

I hope you’re also having a wonderful week!

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