It’s that time again already – almost the weekend! Which for the majority of my readers means it’s very nearly time to not have a day off, and not have a lay in. *Smiles wryly*

It’s also the time of the week I take a moment to muse on my fortuity and count my blessings (here’s why if you missed week #1) – and today is World Gratitude Day, so all the more reason!

Here are a few more reasons I have been grateful this week:

  1. This past week I’ve finally found the nerve to trial soya. I really needed to do it because it’s so limiting to eliminate it from my diet, and I only removed it on the off-chance of it being an issue along with cow’s milk protein. Unfortunately Elfin didn’t react well, however it could have been far worse. And at least we know now. (I’m not planning to trial soya lecithin which is less likely to cause a reaction. Fingers crossed as this is the reason I can’t eat my favourite chocolate!)
  2. I walked through the shoe aisle when I left Next earlier, and kind of fell in love… Oops. This never happens to be fair, as I’m incredibly fussy. But having had a nice job this week, I decided to treat myself to a beautiful pair of ankle boots.
  3. My hubby is notoriously difficult to buy presents for, because – in his own words – ‘if I want something that badly I’ll just buy it’. So he has everything he wants. What a life, huh? Third world problems, but this does make it hard for me at Christmas. So I’m really pleased to be collaborating with a fab company for an item for my gift guide, which I think he’ll love – and I may just have a giveaway for you guys to win one too (stay tuned)!
  4. We have chosen carpet for the garage now and within a couple of weeks our extra space should be habitable! I can’t wait as the clutter in our dining room is making me anxious.
  5. Preschool really agrees with Pixie and I’ve been so incredibly proud of how well she’s doing, both there and at home. She’s been a real delight to be around – most of the time!

In addition to all of the above, I was thrilled to hear from the very brilliant Biscuiteers about collaborating for World Gratitude Day, which falls today! They offered me a beautiful tin of biscuits to gift to someone special, to let them know I’m grateful to have them in my life.

Biscuiteers World Gratitude Day

I didn’t have to think very hard about who to give them to, because this lady is very special to me. She’s somebody who I’ve spoken about many times on the blog, and I love very dearly; in every conceivable way she’s the sister I never had – minus the arguing! She’s my spa day and afternoon tea buddy (when we get the opportunity), but we’re equally content having a natter in our jammies over a bottle of wine – or just a cup of tea. And that’s why I chose this particular tin to gift her, because they perfectly sum up our special friendship:

Biscuiteers World Gratitude Day

Aren’t they spectacularly beautiful?! I’m actually quite disappointed not to be able to share as they contain dairy, but I know she will enjoy them for both of us!

Biscuiteers World Gratitude Day

If you agree that these luxury hand-decorated biscuits are simply stunning, it’s your lucky day, because I have another tin on offer for one reader to win! For your chance to win, simply enter below.

If you win, will you be gifting the biscuits or indulging yourself? (I wouldn’t blame you!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Why not check out my other giveaways before you go?

Terms and conditions:

  • There is one prize to be won.
  • The prize is non-transferable and no cash alternative is offered.
  • This giveaway is open to UK entries only.
  • Entrants must be age 18 or over.
  • Winner’s details will be passed to the promoter, who is responsible for sending out the prize.
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I hope you’re also having a wonderful week!




  1. What a lovely giveaway! I would share them with my lovely husband who understands my love of tea so much he agreed to an afternoon tea themed weddi g ten years ago, before it was fashionable!

  2. Marie Evans Reply

    I will be gifting to my sister,She is such a thoughtful caring person.Her friend is poorly & she has been going to work then spending time looking after her.

  3. Susan Lloyd Reply

    I’d keep them, but my 3 children would be very jealous x

  4. They’d be a gift for my wonderful mother-in-law-to-be who has some surgery coming up and deserves a treat!

  5. I would love to gift these biscuits to my wonderful 90 year old neighbour who i have a cup of tea with a couple times a week. He would be delighted with the designs.

  6. Michelle Smith Reply

    I will share them with my family they look so yummy

  7. These look far too nice to giveaway, I would shared them with my hubby and kids. Thanks for this yummy giveaway.

  8. Rachel Craig Reply

    Gifting them to my Mum, she would love to treat her family and friends to the biscuits with afternoon tea.

  9. Rebecca Brown Reply

    If I win, I’ll share them with my two best friends along with a good chat and lots of cups of coffee!

  10. Hayley Atkins Reply

    I would share with my dear old Dad. He is 93 and deserves luxury biscuits!

  11. stuart hargreaves Reply

    It will be a case of enjoying them myself so there!

  12. Gift to the old folks in our road for Xmas, they are biscuit bonkers. Cheers.

  13. I think I will go to my sister’s down the road, send the kids to friends and the men to the pub and eat these with her over a few glasses of Prossecco x

  14. I will be very clever and gift them to someone who I know will want to share them with me!!

  15. Amy Wright Reply

    I will give them to my best friend as a thank you because she does so much for me

  16. Helen Rodwell Reply

    I’d gift them to my mum … and hope she’d share them with me.

  17. Indulging in the biscuits myself, I just can’t help it! Maybe i would share one or two!

  18. indulging ourselves though no doubt may share a few with guests!

  19. Mary Davis Reply

    Oh, goodness, probably placing them on display for a while and then sharing with my husband and kids. ?

  20. Lorna Roberts Reply

    I volunteer for Citizens Advice and we’re fueled by biscuits so I’d share them with the rest of the office. They won’t last a day!

  21. Margaret Gallagher Reply

    I’d keep them!!! But would share with my many visitors who all deserve spoiling

  22. I would be giving them to my daughter because she would really adore them.

  23. Adrienne McGroder Reply

    I’ll share them with my husband, 2 sons, and parents – they look yummy!

  24. Alison Macdonald Reply

    Think I’d have to regift as couldn’t bring myself to eat them they’re far too gorgeous x

  25. Julie Thomas Reply

    I will share them with the family, it would be lovely to offer them when everyone visited

  26. Inga Andersen Reply

    Definitely indulging yourself but I will share too ?

  27. Rebecca Alderson Reply

    I’ll be keeping them for myself, maybe share them with my other half!

  28. Kevin Honey Reply

    I’d share them with my granddaughters, but I know who would get the biggest share…

  29. melanie stirling Reply

    I will gift them to my son and his girlfriend,they don’t have many treats now they live in their own flat.

  30. I love iced biscuits so would love to have them all to myself but I know in all truth I will end up sharing them with my family as I would feel too guilty eating them by myself

  31. I’ll have to have them myself as my best friend is going through the full raft of allergy tests at the moment ?

  32. Sarah Cuttle Reply

    I wouldn’t stand a chance lol my kids would goble them all up in a second. ?

  33. Sharon Lou Johnson Reply

    i would gift them to my mum on a sunday when she cooks us sunday dinner, then we can all eat them after dinner lol x

  34. Tracy Newton Reply

    We always seem to have someone popping in for a cuppa. I would share these with my family and friends

  35. amy bondoc Reply

    id probably share with my dad but only if he saw me eating them haha

  36. I’d definitely keep them myself as they look so amazing but would share them with friends and family when they come round for tea!

  37. Diana Maxwell Reply

    No intention of sharing them with anyone…………..

  38. Becky John Reply

    I will gift them to my 93 year old grandmother who loves biscuits.

  39. Sheena Batey Reply

    Gifting at Christmas shame because I would love to eat them

  40. Yolanda Davis Reply

    i would give them to my lovely nan, but i know she would insist on sharing with a cup of tea.

  41. Natalie Newham Reply

    I would have to gift them, as they are not gluten-free.

  42. leanne weir Reply

    I will be gifting to my mum but hopefully she would share

  43. lapsapchung Reply

    I’ll be treating my Mum to them – sadly I can’t eat biscuits as I control my diabetes by avoiding sugar. But these are so beautiful I’m sure there’s even more pleasure in looking at them than there is in eating them
    Jane Willis

  44. Gillian McClelland Reply

    I will be Gifting them to my mother in law who deserves a treat

  45. Lisa Parker Reply

    I would share them with my lovely family as the best things should be shared x

  46. maria blythin Reply

    i would keep these for christmas time to share with everyone x

  47. Hannah Wallington Reply

    I would indulge myself after a long week with the kids

  48. Nadia Josephine Reply

    I would share them with my work colleagues! (But I might have the first pick!!)

  49. I would share them with my sis and her hubby next time I was around theirs

  50. Clare Hubbard Reply

    I will probably save them for Christmas, then eat them all myself!

  51. Jules Eley Reply

    These would go to a great home to cheer my uncle Brian up 🙂

  52. Sadiyya Maryam Reply

    My lovely parents are coming to visit us next month. So would be the most perfect biscuits to enjoy with them!

  53. Josh Gough Reply

    Shamelessly indulging if there are any left once I share them

  54. melissa crowe Reply

    I would be sharing with my family x thankyou for the chance,

  55. Natalie Turner Reply

    I would share them with my family after Sunday dinner 🙂

  56. Jessica Barber Reply

    Gifting to the biggest biscuit fan I know… My dad!

  57. Stevie Fairbairn Reply

    I would like to share them with my nieces when they visit on Sundays.

  58. Victoria Prince Reply

    I would give them to my mum, but I know she’d share with me 😀

  59. Claire Lewis Reply

    I’ll take them to my Nana
    Who is currently in respite due to her dementia but she loves tea and biscuits!!

  60. tracy baines Reply

    I’m afraid I would keep them for myself but I would share them with my partner Carl

  61. Margaret Clarkson Reply

    I would share them with my husband and daughter.

  62. I would enjoy them myself and share with my family of course

  63. I think I’m going to keep these for myself – they look too good to gift them.

  64. I’d have to share them – they’re too beautiful to keep to myself!

  65. Katrina Adams Reply

    I’ll have the family round for some shenanigans and everyone loves biscuits so I would definitely be sharing.

  66. Caroline Blaza Reply

    I would share them with my family…..if they ask nicely x

  67. Christine Clarke Reply

    i would share them with my work colleagues we all deserve it x

  68. I would want to enjoy them myself with coffee but I should give as a gift if I won.

  69. Jenny Jones Reply

    I would keep them and share them with my sister and mum over a cuppa one lovely afternoon ?

  70. I’d be indulging myself but sharing with my family as well.

  71. vicki gorton Reply

    I would take these round to my nans for afternoon tea, so I could share, and because she would love these soooo much xxx

  72. jennifer jackson Reply

    I would give to my boyfriend and ask him to share with me lol

  73. They’re too beautiful to keep for myself! I’d probably give them to my mum xx

  74. They’re too beautiful to keep for myself – I’d probably give them to my mum xx

  75. DawnLouise Reply

    I would gift to my in laws who do love a ‘nice cup of tea’ and tend to have a biscuit on the side ?


    I might share them with my family if I’m in a good mood!

  77. Anthea Holloway Reply

    I would share them with my husband and any of the family whop happened to come around.

  78. I will be gifting them to the nurses on the chemo ward at my local hospital. Angels is an understatement.

  79. Maria Jane Knight Reply

    I would gift these to my neighbour Shirley who turns 81 next week!!

  80. Sam Parkes Reply

    Me and my daughter would have our very own indoor afternoon tea and share them

  81. Claire Elizabeth Noke Reply

    I think i’ll keep them for me … (the kids will probably make me share anyway! LOL) x x

  82. A bit of both as I’d keep the tin to show when we have guests


    I’d have to try one just to taste but share the rest with the family.

  84. I would keep them for Christmas when my son and his wife come down so we could all share them

  85. Shirley MacKay Reply

    this is beautiful, it would be perfect for my motherxx

  86. I will either share them with my family at home (there are 6 of us) or, if I’m feeling strong-willed, I have a friend that is having a tough time at the moment and i could give them to her. Or, I could invite her round and share with her and we could have the leftovers!

  87. Jacqueline Roberts Reply

    I’d have to keep it and me and the kids would eat it. Very rare we get treats and we’d love this

  88. Jo Hutchings Reply

    I think that I would also gift them to a lovely friend as a Christmas present.

  89. Chris Fletcher Reply

    I’d share them around but I’d definitely have a couple myself!

  90. Lisa Houston Reply

    I work for a small charity that relies on volunteers to keep it going. id take them in and share with my volunteers show them how much they mean to me

  91. I’d probably indulge in all of them. I do love a good biscuit.

  92. Carly Belsey Reply

    I would want to scoff them all but I would gift them to my dad as they are so lovely. Thank you

  93. Ashley Phillips Reply

    I’d save them as an evening sweet treat for me and my partner when the kids are in bed

  94. elaine stokes Reply

    bit of both… the person I’d give it to would share them with me , so win win for me

  95. I will be sharing them at Christmas – my son is coming home from Vietnam with his family – they would absolutely love them

  96. Ian Campbell Reply

    The whole family, who are a great emotional support and always sharing little treats. This time, it’s my turn to share some little treats, in the form of these awesome biscuits, with them!

  97. Deborah Clarke Reply

    I’d share with my wonderful fiance Mark awww. He works so hard to look after us all and deserves a treat.

  98. caroline tokes Reply

    keep them myself i am on a diet at the moment so could do with a treat as i have been very good

  99. Kayleigh Robinson Reply

    It’ll be fab to get out when my friends come round. So it’ll be shared ?

  100. Louise Paul Reply

    I will be sharing them with my mum over a nice cup of tea

  101. derektwilson Reply

    I’d share with the rest of the household – so a bit of both ?

  102. Hayley Elvin Reply

    I would gift them to my nanna because she deserves a treat

  103. Simon Keeping Reply

    I LOVE biscuits, these will be going straight in my belly!!!

  104. Katie Walker Reply

    I would gift them tactfully so I could still get to try some from someone I know shares

  105. Avril Randall Reply

    If I win I would give them to my next door neighbour for Xmas. She is in her 80’s and lives alone.

  106. Heather brannan Reply

    I will share this with friends and family over the festive season.

  107. Ali Fanstone Reply

    I would share with my grandchilren when they come to visit

  108. Toni Pearson Reply

    I would take them to work, to share at lunch time. We work at a primary school, so sweet treats always go down well.

  109. Fiona Johnstone Reply

    I’d share them with my husband who has just had a knee operation. So he’s in the house more and drinking coffee every hour.These biscuits would be a lovely treat .

  110. natalee gosiewski Reply

    lil tea party for my kids they could invite a friend each too

  111. Catherine Gregory Reply

    Both! My baby is due next week and because I have had gestational diabetes I have had no treats all pregnancy and my Mum has been doing the diet with me as support so once little man is here we both deserve a splurge and a biscuit is top of my list. Thank you

  112. Amanda Richardson Reply

    Indulging myself, but would give one or two to the family

  113. Alison Clifford Reply

    I will be gifting them to my in laws although I am tempted to keep them myself xx

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