The Milky Tee Co Review: I was sent these t-shirts in exchange for my honest opinion.

I was recently sent some fab breastfeeding tees to try out by the new – and très cool – The Milky Tee Co. This collaboration came about when I saw the lovely Charlie O’Brien modelling one on her Facebook page, which prompted me to immediately head over to their website and check them out. Can we just talk for a second about the company name? Love a good pun! I was so impressed by the brand and concept I shot an email off to see whether they’d work with me, and was delighted to hear back from the very clever and super-talented Lauren.

The Milky Tee Co Review

I’ve been looking for some breastfeeding basics for an age, and I’d not got around to treating myself to anything beyond cheapy vests with a jumper or shirt over the top. Why? Because frankly, I’m not a fan of what’s on offer – unless I want to spend an unreasonable amount of money.

They ain’t cheap, because apparently money can buy style – when you’re breastfeeding.

But why would I spend my hard earned cash on something I don’t particularly like when I can fashion my own functional wardrobe and make do? So that’s precisely what I’ve been doing – but I kept an eye out on the off chance. And then I saw Charlie wearing her Milky Tee…

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The Milky Tee Co Design

I struggled to choose which t-shirts to go for, because Lauren has done a brilliant job of making them not only super functional but also really wearable in terms of current trends. As new parents we often exchange meaningful glances in coffee shops and on the school run, not needing words to convey how harried we are.

Of course there’s the odd occasion the stars align and we feel like we’re bossing life; but on those days we don’t feel like talking – or even making eye contact – our clothing slogans often speak for us.

Lauren has those situations covered already, having designed one t-shirt declaring ‘bossing it’ and another bearing ‘coffee + concealer’ (one of those is eminently more apt for me at the moment). At the time of writing, there are five designs on offer, with more launching soon – and I can’t wait to see what else will be available soon.

The Milky Tee Co T-Shirts

The Milky Tee Co Hidden Zips

Of course, the most intriguing and exciting aspect of Lauren’s design is the functionality: breastfeeding access. It’s really very smart – so smart that I actually said to Lauren I can’t believe it’s not been done before: it’s simple and kind of obvious when you see it.

The t-shirts boast hidden zips in darts on each side.

The Milky Tee Co Hidden Zip

Before my tees arrived I’d presumed the zips would be in the seams, and wondered how easy they’d be to use, but putting them where they’re located is genius because it improves the shape and fit too.

The Milky Tee Co Sizing

I opted for a size small because I’m currently wearing size 8-10 and when my t-shirts arrived I thought they looked enormous. But again – they’re a smart design. They are quite loose, but they’re such a lovely shape and fit that they don’t look baggy, they look classy. Bearing in mind that many breastfeeding mums will be sporting some rather generous proportions, this is another genius move.

The Milky Tee Co Zip

The Milky Tee Co Delivery

There’s a very cute little surprise included with each delivery which I thought was a really lovely and personal touch. I’m not going to spoil it for you, but if you really want to know then head over to my Instagram page to see for yourself!

Any Flaws?

When I looked inside the t-shirts I wondered whether the end of the zips might irritate as they’re not covered. They didn’t. Soooo, nope, nothing to complain about really. (And FYI, when Lauren read my review she told me that this aspect of the design is being altered going forward, nothing to do with me mentioning it here! So in a few weeks time all tees will have covered zips.)

Wait! I do have something… I have, on numerous occasions, forgotten to zip away my bosoms.

The Milky Tee Co Zip

I’m not certain I can blame Lauren’s design for this, but if you see a woman walking around flashing her (nursing) bra through slits in her very stylish t-shirt – apologies. (And please let me know I’m embarrassing myself.)

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