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Over the last few months we’ve made some fairly drastic changes at home. First, we looked at moving home and very nearly did – until it became clear that we were going to struggle to sell our house quickly enough to allow us to be comfortably settled before the baby arrived. Then, we made peace with the idea that the reason people were reluctant was the very same reason I was determined to move: our home is only barely big enough for a family of four…

So, with that in mind, we set about making the necessary changes. As I type, we’ve (thank God) just received planning permission to convert our garage. This has taken months to come through! In the meantime we’ve been busy relocating Pixie from the box room into the bigger bedroom and installing lots of additional storage. Finally, we were feeling prepared to welcome our new little one, whenever they were ready to make an appearance.

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One of the last things I was determined to have a sort through was our airing cupboard. It’s that job that you think about every time you go in there for a fresh towel or sheets, but never quite get around to… I mean, buying these items is generally not the top of a list of priorities, right? First there would be coffee and cake, and shoes and wine, and then a million different items for the kids.

So when The Towel Shop offered to send me some items to review, it really couldn’t have come at a better time.

The Towel Shop – Reviews of Their Bedding & Towels

I opted for some smart white bedsheets and matching pillow cases, and a bundle of rich wine-coloured towels.

The towel shop review

First Impressions

My first thoughts about the items was that they’re fantastic value. The main reason I’m usually put off making an actual purchase of towels (though I’m sad enough that I actually enjoy window shopping these products) is that they can be pretty extortionate. When it’s a toss up between beautiful new boots or some new bedding, it’s a tough call  to make…

Both the towels and bedding I received are nice quality, and for the cost they’re rather impressive.


I was a little unsure of the envelope style fastening on the duvet cover, and unfortunately my concerns were confirmed: unlike on a pillow it hangs open. I do not recommend – we tossed this out after the second use as it was so annoying.

It’s a shame because I liked the bedding otherwise; it’s a simple and classic design, but the satin stripe also makes it classy. Alas, if it doesn’t function adequately, it’s not staying. Meh.


The towels are a gorgeous wine-red, and the vibrance is lovely – though hubby’s white socks did turn pink in the first wash (oops, my bad). I only wish there was a matching bath mat to complete the set!

The towel shop review

They’re fluffy and remain a beautifully deep colour even after multiple washes; I’d definitely buy from The Towel Shop again. Particularly if they could update their stock to offer complete sets including a mat!

An Update – Plus How to Get the Best Value

Update: I like to do this when I get around to it, and I can’t quite believe it’s been several years since I wrote this post! So, how have they held up?

We still have the towels!

They’re not super thick and luxurious, but in terms of value, for a mid range towel they’re not at all bad. The colour hasn’t faded, they’ve not gone rough and scratchy, and they’re still living in our home.

Had a quick look – still very limited for bath mats sadly.

The Towel Shop Discount Code

However, the towel bales they have are still great value, especially during the Black Friday sales – with up to 80% off! And if you’re looking for working discount codes, there seem to be a few available year round if you search for deals.

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