Tiffany Rose review: I was gifted these items in exchange for my honest opinion.

Pregnancy is a strange beast, at once both overwhelmingly magical, whilst also causing us to be hyper-aware of how our body is changing – for better or worse!

When I was pregnant with Pixie, I was five months along before I had anything resembling a bump. I put it down to strong stomach muscles at the time, and tried to be grateful for the positive aspects that should bring. As I neared my due date, I measured small and was eventually induced early as a precaution.

But, ridiculous though this may sound – and despite my small frame – I never achieved the coveted pregnancy shape.

To begin with I didn’t look pregnant at all, and then when I did pop I had a wide bump which I considered unattractive. I don’t think anyone else ever explicitly agreed with me, but I definitely recall comments about the way Pixie must be lying and that my bump was not ‘typical’. I loved every aspect of expecting – except the shape of my belly towards the end.

So this time, I’m hoping the baby will show itself a little differently so I can be in love not only with the reason for my bump, but my body too. And I have one articular reason to be super excited about the next few months:

Tiffany Rose will be dressing me; and if anything will improve the appearance of a pregnant belly, it’s beautiful, well-fitting maternity clothes.

I am delighted to be showing with you some of the gorgeous items Tiffany Rose have already sent me. As mother to a toddler (read: I don’t get out much), I’ve chosen a couple of smart-ish dresses which will be perfect for any conferences or work functions I attend.

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The Packaging

Firstly, I have to share the lovely packaging their clothes are dispatched in – and which gives an indication of the quality you can expect inside the box:

Tiffany Rose Review

Tiffany Rose Review

The Dresses

This gorgeous colour block dress in black/deep purple and accented with magenta pink is incredibly flattering.

Tiffany Rose Review
As worn by Charlotte Church and Mylenne Klass.

I’m in love with the Naomi nursing dress in rich festive mulberry.

Tiffany Rose review

I also picked out the stunning grey and petrol blue lace Eden dress, which I cannot wait to wear for Christmas!

Tiffany Rose Review

Tiffany Rose review
Cute cap sleeves.

Exquisite detail.

So, no matter the shape of my bump, I’ll be dressing it in style!

I cannot recommend Tiffany Rose highly enough, and I’m so excited to be collaborating with such a fabulous company!

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