As a blogger I follow lots of other bloggers on Facebook, and when I saw Going on An Adventure’s Colette had written a top ten of her posts from the year I thought it was a fab idea – so I’ve nabbed it!

*You’ll note an asterisk beside my title and that’s because I’ve allowed for those few posts that I know did particularly well from giveaway traffic – nobody is going to be interested in reading my Christmas giveaways at this point so I’ve removed  them from this list.

Here are my most (organically) popular posts of 2018, have you read them all?

18. Is It Ever Okay to Trust a Stranger With Your Baby?

Is It Ever Okay to Trust a Stranger With Your Baby - Family Shot

I wrote this after several situations in which I was forced to weigh up the best-of-a-series-of-bad options. I was alone with one or both of my children and I needed assistance in some way. It occurred to me that I can’t be the only person who has found themselves in such dilemmas, and I was interested in the opinions of others, and how you would respond in similar circumstances.

17. Alcohol When Pregnant – How Much is Too Much?

Alcohol When Pregnant - How Much Is Too Much?

This one was written after I was left shamed by a waiter in a restaurant while pregnant. Head over for a read to find out how it went down…

16. The Dangers of Dehydration in a Newborn

Dehydration in Newborns

For those of you who have been here from the beginning, you’ll recall that Pixie was admitted to hospital just hours after we first went home. It was terrifying and in the end we discovered dehydration was responsible.

She was tube fed for several days, before we were fortunate enough to go on to successfully breastfeed.

15. Chicco Next2Me Dream Review: Was It the Game Changer I’d Hoped?

chicco next2me dream

Spoiler: no. It may be worth a read anyway if you’re considering investing, just don’t expect any miracles!

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14. So, You Want to Publish an eBook?

How to Publish an eBook

I penned this at the request of several blogger pals who were interested in the process after I published my book. Probably not for you unless you’re also a writer!

13. A Letter to My Beloved Teenage Daughter, While She’s Still My Baby

Teenage Daughter

Ah, one of my all-time favourite posts so I’m thrilled that this is beginning to pick up organic traffic and has also been popular on Pinterest. <3

12. I Accidentally Found the Antidote to Angry Toddler Meltdowns!

Angry toddler meltdowns, park

Ha, I remember this one well! Written when I was in the depths of despair at Pixie’s unreasonable behaviour. Nothing was working, and then in a moment of silliness I tried something completely different that finally got through to her!

11. Pregnancy Bump Size and Shape: What’s Normal?

Normal Pregnancy Bump Size

I got so fed up with being told my bump was too small with Pixie that when I was pregnant the second time I decided to put together a visual post showing the natural variation between bumps.

Some lovely ladies, both fellow bloggers and some of my readers, kindly agreed to be a part of this.

10. Our Birth Story: Failure to Thrive and Pixie’s Early Induction

Our Birth Story: Early Induction

I had no idea how popular birth stories are until I wrote this! I was really surprised at the level of interest, which was lovely. It was also a very cathartic process as I only wrote this about two years after Pixie’s traumatic delivery, as a way of preparing for Elfin’s arrival.

9. Guest Post: I’ve Never Been Attracted to My Husband

Never been attracted to my husband

I very rarely accept guest posts but when a friend reached out I thought this might be helpful to others, and it really has been. You’ve only to read the comments at the end of the article to see how common this situation is.

I’m so glad it’s proved useful in some way to the women who’ve visited and felt moved to share their own experiences.

8. I Asked Jo Frost to Defend Controlled Crying, Here’s What She Said

Jo Frost Controlled Crying

This is one of the most interesting opportunities I’ve had during my blogging career. I say in the post that I’ll update when I receive her formal written response, following up on our conversation. Alas I’m still waiting…

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7. What Happens When Your Bump Measures Small for Dates

What Happens When Your Bump Measures Small for Dates

I wrote this for other women who, following the delivery of a small baby, have to be monitored in subsequent pregnancies. I was actually very impressed with the level of care I received, not that it was necessary in the event!

6. My Secret to Getting More Zzz’s When You Live With a Sleep Thief

Babies, how to survive sleep-deprivation hell

I came up with this trick when Pixie was a baby, and I still use it now with Elfin. It’s not a miracle, but it certainly helps us to avoid co-sleeping whilst also maximising sleep for everyone.

5. There’s No Such Thing as a Hungry Baby


No such thing as a hungry baby

One of my all-time most popular posts – and I so nearly didn’t write it for fear of offending! I’m really glad I did though because as it transpires, many women can relate. If I could put emojis in my text I’d do the one with the bicep. #keeponboobing

4. How to Plan a Wedding From Start to Finish: The Ultimate Checklist

How to Plan a Wedding

If you’ve not been here from the start then you might be surprised to know that way back when I started out, this was a wedding blog! This post has done really well on Pinterest and is starting to get some nice Google traffic too.

3. 8 Things I Wish I’d Known Whilst Planning My Wedding


8 Things I Wish I'd Known Whilst Planning My Wedding - Wedding Flowers

One of my most popular pins on Pinterest, these are tips that would definitely help me if I could have a do-over. Not that I want one, of course!

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2. Yes, I Know My Daughter Needs a Sibling 

Does My Child Need a Sibling - Toddler

I love that my top two posts are still two of my favourites. This one went crazy on Facebook on day one, and has been shared more than two thousand times.

It just goes to show how emotive the subject is.

1. Breastfeeding and Alcohol: The Truth

Breastfeeding and Alcohol

How could it be anything else? This is one of the first breastfeeding posts I wrote, although the eagle-eyed among you will notice that it’s since been re-published at a later date. I wrote this after looking into the subject and discovering that most advice was baseless, without studies or research to support it.

I found the relevant information and decided to put my own post together to empower other breastfeeding mothers to make educated choices for their bodies and their babies.

There you have it, my top posts from the year. Which was your favourite?

I wonder what my top posts will be for 2019, and whether many are yet to be written?!



An award-nominated blogger and author, Kate is an experienced breastfeeding advocate, and expert baby sleep chaser. Her writing has appeared on Mothercare, Huff Post, and BritMums.

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