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World of Dinosaurs Review, Paradise Wildlife Park, Broxbourne

World of Dinosaurs Review at Paradise Wildlife Park: I was gifted entry for my family in exchange for my honest opinion.

Elfin’s many issues since she was born have basically meant she’s often uncomfortable and not very content, and to that end I’ve been quite hesitant to go out for long days far away from home. I can never tell when she’s going to become miserable and clingy, and as she rarely naps it’s just been too much of a headache. However, with her CMPA appearing to dissipate (we’ve started the milk ladder and so far all is looking very promising!), I finally decided it was time for a fun family day out!

I was offered the opportunity to review World of Dinosaurs at Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne, and as Pixie is a big dinosaur fan it seemed too good an opportunity to pass up.

Sadly, as the day approached, Elfin was just far too poorly and I had to postpone! It wasn’t actually allergy related on this occasion, she’d just managed to pick up a brutal virus which seriously knocked the stuffing out of her. She started out with a horrible cold, followed by a worrying fever, then relentless coughing fits which led to episodes of vomiting, and finally a nasty case of conjunctivitis – and this went on for weeks.

If you fancy a day out with the kids then World of Dinosaurs at Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne may be worth a visit. Check out the review here, including video footage of some of the attractions! #dinosaurs #review

Anyway, we rescheduled for two weeks later, and finally someone was smiling down on us – the weather was absolutely perfect – lovely and warm without being too hot and sticky. So we braved going along for our dinosaur experience. I was managing my expectations because long days with a baby susceptible to digestive discomfort and a preschooler who would inevitably get quite tired (read fractious) are likely not the best recipe for success. here’s how we got on…

World of Dinosaurs Review, Paradise Wildlife Park, Broxbourne

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I was so pleasantly surprised by our family day which was as close to perfect as I think we could have hoped for. We all had a lovely time, the venue was great, and the girls were on great form. We’ll definitely be returning and look forward to our next trip to World of Dinosaurs at Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne.

In the meantime we’ll be looking for more fun days out to enjoy as a family this summer after such a wonderful success, and I’ll continue to share them with you! I’ve been saying for such a long time that I’m going to do more vlogging and this is the kick I’ve needed – I’ll be sharing mini videos of our adventures and hope you’ll stick with me to enjoy them.

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