I loathe regrets. They achieve precisely nothing, except high blood pressure. I want my lovely readers to avoid this feeling, following what *should be* the most special day of your lives. So I’ve put together a short wedding day checklist to guide you through your big day and help ensure you remember all the significant moments which can easily be forgotten in the hubbub.

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For this post, I asked around for real-life examples of what my pals and clients have forgotten on their actual wedding days, bearing in mind the planning phase should be foolproof – that’s what lists are for! (Need some help? Here’s another great resource I put together for you!). Some of their answers may surprise you. But forewarned is forearmed, so they say, and hopefully their mistakes will save you a headache or two.

Your Wedding Day Checklist…

  1. “I forgot to wear my garter.”

Not only is this sad for your new husband – he’s been waiting all day to rip that thing off with his teeth(!) – this is a missed photo opportunity, Ladies! The Angelina Jolie pose (you know the one I’m referring to) is a rite of passage on your wedding day.

  1. “We forgot to get our guestbook signed.”

All the people you love most in the world, all in the same place to celebrate your joyous occasion. And the only legit time you will ever have to get them to gush about how much they love you and how beautiful you look. You are never reclaiming this moment, so you may as well milk it for all it’s worth. Have your DJ make an announcement several times during the reception.

  1. “I forgot my ballet flats.”

You are the bride, therefore you must dance – forgetting comfortable footwear is a disastrous error of judgement! Make it your maid of honour’s responsibility. (And while we’re on the subject, point her in the direction of my guide to being a kickass bridesmaid…)

  1. “I didn’t get a photo with ‘X’.”

Once more, you won’t have this opportunity again, so it’s imperative to get the photos you want. Unless you hang out in your wedding garb a la the ‘Friends’ cast. Which would make you a total loser. #justsaying #dontdoit #havesomedignity #maybejustonce

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Wedding Day Checklist

  1. “We forgot to take a moment.”

Your special day will be breathtakingly perfect – it’s totally understandable if it flashes by so quick you forget to grab your spouse, take a step back, and appreciate the epic-ness of your planning and all it has achieved. But it would also be a travesty.

  1. “I forgot my wedding gown bag.”

You’ll be wearing the dress. Its bag will be less of a priority when you’re somewhat worse for wear and heading off to the bridal suite/airport. However, on your return to reality, when it transpires the bag has been chucked out with the venues rubbish (astonishing, I know), this will be a time for sad reflection. And you can trust me on that because this one is mine. I never did recover the bag, and my dress feels somehow incomplete.

  1. “I didn’t remember to remove my engagement ring.”

DON’T FORGET TO SWITCH YOUR ENGAGEMENT RING TO YOUR RIGHT HAND PRIOR TO THE CEREMONY! This one comes care of every bride, everywhere, ever. (Else it’s just me and my divvy mates?)

  1. “We forgot to eat some of our wedding cake.”

You painstakingly chose your preferred combination of sponge, icing and fondant. You should damn-well get to enjoy the result on the day for which it was intended! Yes, it can probably be frozen, but it’s not the same.

I hope these pointers will stand you in good stead, but the most important thing to remember is this:

Your wedding day is about your marriage. If you’re marrying the right man, your day is already perfect. The rest is just pretty details.

Have I missed anything from my list? What did you forget? Please share in the comments. And if this list has been useful, please spread the love and share the post.



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  1. Kate Reply

    Or make it acceptable to do it a second time perhaps – I’d love to do it all over again! ? x

  2. Ellie @ Hand Me Down Baby Reply

    Hmm, I can’t think of anything we forgot on the day. But then, I’m an avid list-maker so I probably had everything written down for everyone to follow. Or maybe (more likely), because it was 10 1/2 years ago, I’ve probably forgotten anything I was supposed to remember!

    • Kate Reply

      If it’s the latter that’s not a bad thing. It’s all about the marriage after all. ?

  3. Carolanne Minter Reply

    Thank you for this! I’m going to read all of your wedding posts now as I need all the help I can get!

    • Kate Reply

      Hi Carolanne,

      I’m so pleased you found it useful! I hope the other posts help you too.

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