Disclosure / Disclaimer

Sometimes I’m sent bits and bobs for review purposes. It’s a nice perk of what is actually a very demanding job.

However, you can rest assured that above all things pretty, sparkly, tasty, divine – the integrity of my blog will always remain my priority.

Yep, even if I had Tiffany banging on my virtual door – still my integrity and the blog.

(Luckily, I hear they have fab products and customer service, so there should be no issues if a Tiffany PR-type is reading this; and yes, it would be my pleasure to review one of your beautiful pieces.)



  • When I collaborate with a company and I’m compensated for my time to either review or write about a product or service, this will be disclosed.
  • Any posts which do not bare this disclosure have been written by myself with no fee attached (unless clearly marked as a guest post).
  • Sometimes I include affiliate links in my posts which link to products I may occasionally recommend. If you follow these links and make a purchase I will receive a few pennies, at no additional cost to you.



Any advice I give is, of course, based upon my own experiences, and my opinion is taken into account at your own risk. For clarification of any content please contact me.