Kids Emotional Development & Wellbeing

There is nothing more important to me than the emotional wellbeing of my children. It’s the reason for my interest in personal development – to ensure that any issues of my own don’t negatively impact on my children. It’s inevitable that the our own childhoods will colour the ways we parent, but with by being mindful and intentional, we can ensure that the influence is a positive one on our kids emotional development and wellbeing.

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Supporting Kids Emotional Development & Wellbeing

I’ve written extensively about ways to support children as they grow and learn:

One of my ongoing projects in the area of supporting children’s emotional development and wellbeing is reviewing and recommending kids books that teach values and diversity.

The Best Children's Books to Support Difficult Conversations - Mother Reading to Daughter

Index of Kids Books That Teach Values and Diversity

In this series myself and some of my favourite bloggers share and review the best kids books that teach values and support difficult conversations around various subjects such as loss, disability, divorce, etc.

This page serves as a resource for parents to help smoothe uncomfortable discussions with children and will be updated as more books are reviewed. Please find links to the relevant review posts below, and please feel free to contact me to request specific topics to be covered in the future.

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Adoption / Foster Care / IVF / Surrogacy

A Gentle Introduction to Infertility and Adoption for Children


Our Favourite Kids Book About Confidence


An Excellent Children’s Book About Disability


A Brilliant Children’s Book About Depression


Supporting Your Child With Books About Feelings

LGBTQ Community and Same Sex Families

Guest Post: One of the Best LGBTQ Books for Children, by Kate at Lesbemums


Guest Post: One of the Best Children’s Books About Loss, by Sarah at Arthurwears


Tackling Prejudice With Anti Racism Books For Kids


A Wonderful Children’s Book About Self-Acceptance


A Kids’ Book About Stillbirth to Help Siblings

Stranger Danger

One of the Best Books About Stranger Danger

Value in Extra-Curricular Talents

A Book Teaching Children to Shun Comparison and Embrace Their Talents

Head straight to my Amazon storefront for affiliate links to all featured books.