I’m starting a new series sharing and reviewing the best children’s books to support difficult conversations. It’s something I feel passionate about and will be looking at as a matter of course anyway, so I hoped it may prove useful for me to record our journey.

In our home reading is one of our most treasured and rewarding activities. Whether alone or together, from 19 months through to adulthood each of us takes immense pleasure in sitting quietly reading; we all value the simple joy of escapism in the pages of an excellent book.

For me personally, there’s something particularly special about the tangible weight of a book. I was a very reluctant Kindle convert, though I’m over it now. I’d never have bought one for myself, resisting that crossover from virtuous paperback to loathsome technology. It felt somehow sacrilegious.

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As we navigate the difficulties of parenthood, we all – regardless of our feelings about the internet – turn to Google for research and advice. Often it’s a mistake, but it’s also a fantastic source of information and support. One of the things I’m coming to appreciate as Pixie gets older is that there are times when straight forward knowledge is necessary, yet inappropriate. How do we both effectively and gently impart tough life lessons to our young children, when facts are too adult, or simply too overwhelming?

I don’t think I’m alone in turning to children’s books to help smoothe an uncomfortable conversation with our little ones.

The Best Children's Books to Support Difficult Conversations - Mother and Father Reading to Daughter

Of course books shouldn’t replace the guidance and emotional support of a parent, but they absolutely have their place in tactfully and powerfully reinforcing a difficult message. Books with childish concepts and illustrations can lighten the tone of the conversation, whilst impressing a point. It’s no wonder we resort to them when we’re tasked with explaining incomprehensible subjects to our innocents.

The Best Children’s Books to Support Difficult Conversations

With this in mind, and because I’m very close to having to explain the facts of life to Pixie, I want to start this new series reviewing and sharing some of the best children’s books to support difficult conversations. Themes from the macabre, to the embarrassing, to the life-defining will be covered, and I hope to include a few guest posts from blogging friends too.

I really hope this will be a valuable series of posts for my readers, and I plan in due course to add a resources page to the blog listing the books we look at.

Do you have any specific topics you’d be interested in? What difficult subjects have you faced at home recently, or do you anticipate in the near future? Id love lots of input from the community so I can make this as relevant and beneficial as possible! Head to the index for all recommended book.

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  1. This sounds like such a great idea for a series. I’ve read books before about helping children deal with their emotions and also trying to teach children about broader thinking and philosophy but it would be great to get more suggestions of books to help children understand real life difficult situations x

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