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Personal Growth & Journaling For a More Positive Mindset

Proven self improvement techniques to help you reframe your circumstances for improved wellbeing.

Shadow work | Image show a woman writing in a journal. There's some dried heather on the background and a cup of coffee.

Shadow Work Questions For a More Harmonious Life

Recommended self-improvement and journaling techniques are researched with sources and studies clearly cited or linked to where appropriate. Exercises taken from My Positivity Project are reviewed and endorsed by a BACP and BPS member registered Psychological Therapist.

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Find More Peace & Joy Through the Power of Gratitude

Happiness is a choice; positivity is a mindset; gratitude is the path to both.

Mindful journaling is a technique which can be harnessed to improve wellbeing – by simply practicing gratitude to change your outlook. It facilitates the process of reframing, changing mindset, and increasing positivity and happiness.

Mindfulness journaling | A journal tied with ribbon a white desktop, with notes and dark peonies in the background.

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Let’s Get Creative!

Cute and easy doodles for bullet journals.

100+ Easy and Cute Doodles For Your Bujo

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Let’s Get Inspired!

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A Little About Me

I’m Kate: devoted WAHM and wife, personal growth and mindful motherhood advocate, breastfeeding and CMPA supporter, environmentalist, and small person-referee.
Join me as I strive to redefine my story, and help you do the same by always looking for that silver lining.

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