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Is It Ever Okay to Trust a Stranger With Your Baby?

How do you feel about leaving your babies in the care of someone else? A friend; a relative – a stranger? Some people, through circumstances (or even through desire – not my bag but who am I to judge) will leave their baby at nursery or with a childminder from a very young age. But that’s not what I’m referring to today. Here’s  ...

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This Valentine’s I’m Asking: How Often Should We Have Sex?

As I write it’s Valentine’s Day. Since about five years ago my husband and I don’t observe this day. That would have bothered me once, but now it doesn’t at all. The reason we don’t is basically because I know our marriage is pretty resilient, and I don’t feel the need for us to earmark a special day in the year to shout about it. So, instead  ...

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What to Pack for a Family Holiday in the Tuscan Sunshine!

We’ve booked our first proper family holiday abroad – as a four! Well, actually as a five because we’re taking the nanny, I mean Nanny. Ah, let’s be honest – we are taking my mum so we have help with the children and can carve out a little grown up time, so both contexts are correct! Having never left sunny England with children  ...

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A Post-Baby Bedroom Makeover – of Sorts – With JD Williams

We’ve had a baby in our bedroom for some time now. Too long, some might say. So when I was recently approached by JD Williams to work together on a post-baby bedroom makeover, I (and my husband, bless him) got quite excited at the prospect. We started to make elaborate plans – shifting the furniture back to how it was before we needed to  ...

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My Positivity Project – February

It’s February – how did that happen?! I feel like I blinked, the holidays were gone – and so was an entire month. Usually January drags but this year it’s flown by for me, and it feels like the start of a new chapter: my tiny baby is not so tiny; in fact she’s crawling and very close to cruising, already pulling herself  ...

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