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The One Thing All Work at Home Parents MUST Do To Be Successful

I recently published a post about the fact that I struggle to find the time to fundraise, and mostly it’s because I’m also trying to maintain a business behind the scenes. One of the difficulties work at home parents face is that when you work from home, people tend to forget that sometimes, you have to work. This can apply to  ...

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Encourage Your Preschooler’s Imagination With Story Stones!

One of the most common things my husband and I hear from our daughter is ‘Mummy/Daddy, tell me a story from your mouth’. Sound familiar? Well, perhaps not quite in that crude preschooler language! Pixie loves nothing better than a story told from memory or imagination, i.e. not read from a book. Which can somewhat put us on the spot.  ...

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Crux 15 Bar Espresso Coffee Machine Review – The Perfect Coffee?

This Crux 15 Bar Espresso Coffee Machine review is in collaboration with Lakeland, and I was gifted the product in exchange for my honest opinion. As a busy WAHM of two, one of my few vices is coffee. Arguably a bigger vice connected to that one is wasting money on getting a fix when I’m out and about. But at the moment while I’m still feeding  ...

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We’ve Been Gazumped – What Now?

Right now I should really be putting the finishing touches to one of several reviews I need to get published soon. But first I have to get this off my chest, because I literally can’t focus on anything else. I’m really struggling to get my head in the game, and it’s all because of this: we’ve been gazumped. As anyone who follows me will be  ...

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Best Camera Phone on the Market For Bloggers

I’m currently looking into mobile phones, and as a blogger one of my top priorities is taking good shots, so I’m on the search for the best camera phone on the market. Mine’s not actually due for renewal for another six months, but I fear I’m going to have to bite the bullet sooner than that. Why do I need to replace my mobile? My baby girl  ...

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