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750+ Journal Prompts to Inspire and Motivate You

Journal prompts for a variety of journaling exercises to motivate and inspire you to put pen to paper. If you’re stuck for things to write in a journal, this mega list will keep you going every day for more than a year!

More Than 750 Journal Prompts to Inspire You

Journal prompts | Image shows a desk with an open notebook, tulips, a cup of coffee and some pencils.

Being immersed in a cathartic activity is hugely valuable to mental wellbeing.

What I love about journaling is how it facilitates getting into a state of flow, for me at least.

Once my pen touches that paper – or, more often lately because I do so much work online, my fingers touch those keys – I’m fully absorbed in the task.

Being so immersed in an activity you enjoy, especially one that is also cathartic, is hugely valuable and as far as I’m concerned, the best way to take care of your mental wellbeing.

Having those little notes to fall back on is invaluable, giving me direction when I need it.

Once I’m engaged, the words flow – no pun intended – almost without conscious thought; I’m so focused that I can be lost for hours, only resurfacing when I suddenly realise I’m ravenous or cold. It’s very rare once I’m mid-process that I lose track or find myself uncertain about what to write next.

…But sometimes it can be tricky simply to know what things to write in a journal, impeding getting started.

I’m sure it’s due to the sheer scale of possibilities, and the longer I do this (blog and journal) the more I find myself keeping notes of what I want to work on when I find time. Having those little notes to fall back on is invaluable, giving me direction when I need it.

Prompts for journaling are not intended to influence what you write, so much as to ensure that you write something.

Having something to refer to for inspiration when you’re overwhelmed with options has been so beneficial for me that I’ve put together this master resource of journal writing prompts to help you when you’re in the same boat.

New to the concept? Read more about how to journal for lots of additional tips to help you stay committed to the practice, plus the lowdown on the benefits of journaling.

Over 750 Journal Writing Prompts For Beginners and Seasoned Writers

I hope you’ll enjoy this mega list of journal prompts for beginners and seasoned writers alike. You’ll find a huge selection of creative writing prompts and new ideas for when you have writer’s block, as well as a selection of art prompts.

Don’t forget to check out our resources library, full of printables exclusively for subscribers!

850+ Journal Prompts to Inspire and Motivate!

Journaling on a regular basis is a wonderful way to look after your wellbeing, especially if you have any mental health concerns such as depression or anxiety.

Below is a huge variety of thought-provoking positive journal prompts and journaling exercises to spark inspiration and encourage you to put pen to paper in positive ways.

With so many different categories of journaling prompts, there's something here for everyone - every day of the year!

Journaling Prompts FAQ

Have burning questions about journal writing? I’ve put together some of the most asked questions and answered them for you below.

1. What are prompts for journaling?

A journal prompt is a simple statement or question to provoke thought and focus, and ultimately to inspire you to put pen to paper.

Prompts for journaling are not intended to influence what you write, the important thing is simply that you write something, and prompts are designed for this purpose.

Journal prompts pin.

2. Should I use journaling prompts?

If you’re keen on the idea of personal growth and self-improvement; if you want to find a healthy way to help manage anxiety, stress, or depression; or if you simply love writing – then you should absolutely use journaling prompts!

Having journal prompts to move you to write removes the pressure of that overwhelming blank page, and will help guide you towards your goal of a regular journaling habit.

3. How long is a journal prompt?

Things to write in a journal | prompts for journaling | Image shows a camera, flowers, journal and macarons on a white desk.

A journal prompt is usually a concise statement, perhaps with two or three related questions to motivate you to write.

However, while the prompts themselves tend to be short, your response/s should be as long as it takes to feel you’ve thoroughly and adequately put your thoughts down on paper.

Looking for even more ideas? Check out these different journaling techniques for inspiration.

Your journal is a safe space to purge everything, and your future self will thank you for it! Making journaling a daily habit is a fantastic way to invest in your wellbeing, whether you prefer to write:

  • Short bullet point gratitude lists
  • Complete sentences reminiscing about a happy memory
  • Writing about your biggest challenge or a difficult situation
  • Entries exorcising your greatest fear

In fact, the best thing about journaling is that you can change it up and use all of these different methods according to your mood and your needs.

4. What are some journal prompt examples?

While I try to keep the journal prompts on this blog as unique as possible so you can let your imagination run wild, some other popular journal ideas include writing about your:

  • Favorite thing to do at the weekend
  • Favorite book
  • Memories you’ve made with family members or friends
  • Favorite character in a show you’re currently watching
  • Favorite color
  • Most inspiring famous person you’d like to meet
  • Dream job
  • Favorite hobby
  • First day of school
  • Favorite season.

5. When is the best time to journal?

It can be hard to find time to journal regularly, especially when you’re new to the practice. I recommend making it one of your daily routines so that it quickly becomes second nature and is established as a new habit.

If you’re a morning person, you can choose to get your writer’s notebook or new journal out as soon as you wake up, or if you prefer to use it as a way to unwind at the end of a long day, you can make it one of your evening routines instead.

My best advice is to try setting time limits and aiming to write for the designated number of minutes each day.

6. Who are these journal prompts for?

Some of the prompts contained in this list are for adults, but many of those for beginners and related to positivity and gratitude are equally perfect for all ages, including children of all grade levels.

Happy writing!