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Baby Sleep Deprivation Causes, Solutions, and Tips

Baby sleep deprivation causes, solutions, and tips to help you and your little one sleep better.

Baby Sleep Deprivation – How to Cope

Baby sleep deprivation, or rather sleep deprivation caused by babies, is no less tormenting simply because you’re besotted with the adorable person responsible. 

Sleeping baby.

In fact, reaching the point of desperation – which inevitably leads to longing for time alone to curl up and sleep for a month – can also invoke feelings of guilt. On top of the bone-tiredness.

Being the primary caregiver for a newborn is haaaard. For so many reasons.

A good night’s sleep can provide a fresh perspective; it makes everything seem better.

Some of the reasons can be difficult to articulate (thanks to the lack of sleep making your brain foggy) and the cocktail of hormones still raging since you expelled a tiny human from your body.

But sleep deprivation is not one of those reasons – that’s easy to express: it sucks.

Above all else, getting sufficient rest is the one thing that can make every other obstacle seem surmountable: a good night’s sleep can restore, revive, and revitalise.

A good night’s sleep can provide a fresh perspective; it makes everything seem better.

So when you have not one bad night, but bad night, after bad night, after bad night – rinse and repeat in perpetuum – life can very quickly feel very bleak.

Having lived through a bout of hideous colic lasting for the best part of a year, I know how truly awful it can make what on the surface appears to be a blessed life. 

Tips and Tricks to Help Your Family Get More Rest

With that in mind, I want to share the tips and tricks I learned along the way, that all helped me to varying degrees.

Baby sleep deprivation pin

Baby Sleep Deprivation Causes, Solutions, and Helpful Tips

Sleep deprivation caused by caring for a newborn can be utterly exhausting. Here's everything you need to know to get through this challenging phase.

I hope some of the resources on this page help you feel less alone during this challenging phase, and offer some practical advice that benefits your family too.