I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to review lots of brilliant products over the last few years, many of which I highly recommend. Following are the breastfeeding reviews and baby and toddler product reviews which may be useful to you.

Baby and Toddler Product Reviews

I’ve created this hub post to showcase all of the reviews on the blog from the newborn days, up until around toddler age (and maybe a little beyond in the cases of some toys). I thought it might be beneficial to have all of these in one easy to access place (I’m going to create a whole other separate post specifically for home, lifestyle, and our family adventure reviews too).

Breastfeeding Reviews

Maternity Wear Reviews

Cot Reviews

In the event, just like with Pixie before, we hardly used a cot for Elfin! If you’re interested in the set up we used (when the colic subsided and we finally got her out of our bed!), you can read what worked for us in this post about getting more rest when you live with a sleep thief.

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chicco next2me dream

Baby and Toddler Sleep Aid Reviews

Here’s a piece of advice for free: there are no miracles when it comes to encouraging your baby to sleep.

That’s in spite of what the professionals will have you believe (they want your £££) – but it’s true! The reality is that baby’s are meant to wake frequently. Check out my comprehensive guide to baby sleep regression for more information.

If, like me, you’re not keen on the idea of sleep training your baby (I questioned Jo Frost about CIO and wasn’t convinced), then some of these are definitely worth exploring and possibly investing in.

Sleepyhead Grand Baby Pod

Baby and Toddler Product Reviews - Silver Cross Zoobaloo Mobile

Baby and Toddler Pushchair Reviews

I don’t buy into spending as much on a pushchair as you would on a small car, however it is an important investment as you’ll potentially use it every day for several years.

Mamas & Papas Armadillo Review

Baby Carrier Review

I was so sad when Elfin got too heavy to be comfortable for me to front-carry in this brilliant carrier! I’m still trying to convince her to go on my back…

Why the Whole Family Loves Our New Baby Carrier

Baby and Toddler Product Reviews - baby in BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One Outdoors

Car Seat Review

Car Seat Safety, Legislation and Advice, Featuring Britax Römer

Books Reviews

Baby and Toddler Toy Reviews

Wooden Toys for Babies - Kettle and Toaster

Baby and Toddler Snacks and Vitamins Reviews

Cytoplan probiotics for baby allergic to milk.

Miscellaneous Reviews

I’ll continue to add to this post should I have more baby and toddler product reviews to share!

Head over to my hub round-up post for home and lifestyle reviews.


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