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Refined Prose

Refined Prose is a wellbeing site focused on the benefits of journaling for mental health. It also addresses the specific challenges associated with breastfeeding a baby through allergies, specifically CMPA.

Establishment: Founded in 2015, Refined Prose was primarily created to provide current and accurate information to help mothers navigate the challenges associated with breastfeeding infants with CMPA. It later developed as a more general wellbeing website, offering a wealth of mental health related material and resources.

Credibility: Kate Tunstall, editor at Refined Prose, has personal lived experience of breastfeeding through CMPA and the challenges it presents. The value of the information provided regarding CMPA is endorsed by Healthwatch Essex and Basildon University hospital, whilst much of the material pertaining to journaling and mental health has been reviewed and endorsed by Emma Kenny, a BACP and BPS member registered Psychological Therapist.

Ethos: Refined Prose was borne of a need for accurate and up to date information regarding CMPA, which was scarce at the point of its conception, even amongst medics. The site provides rigorously researched articles which include relevant citations.

Prominence: Both Healthwatch Essex and Basildon University Hospital recommend the CMPA food diary created by – and freely available on – Refined Prose. By special request, the same has also been translated and distributed in Peru, Lima by a Peruvian Paediatrics Gastroenterologist. The dedication of Refined Prose to the breastfeeding community is highlighted by its growing readership and their continued support of the information and material provided.

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