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600+ Positive Mindset Quotes to Give You a Sunnier Outlook

Positive thinking quotes to inspire gratitude, promote personal growth, and foster positivity for a sunnier outlook.

The Power of Positive Thinking Quotes

Positive thinking quotes | Image shows a black woman by the sea with her face upturned to the sky and her arms out wide.

Reading inspiring quotes about positivity can be hugely influential in the best way. They can: 

  • Motivate,
  • Challenge negative thought patterns,
  • Create a change in perspective,
  • Encourage a shift in mindset.

…Or, at least, encourage us towards healthy behaviours and habits that could result in a more positive attitude.

So while simply reading an inspiring quote may not, by itself, change our outlook, it might be the catalyst for us applying for that job, or engaging in a mindful hobby that will have beneficial effects.

Simple quote: When simple is more than enough, you will feel happy more than enough. Image shows a woman sitting reading in a bright room.

Why Are Positive Mindset Quotes So Powerful?

Essentially, if you’re a logophile like me, a well-formed quote or proverb rooted in truth and  wisdom is simply irresistible.

Shrewd and insightful phrases have been around for thousands of years. We know this because many examples found in Latin

But what makes them so enticing?

Fascinatingly, it’s largely to do with wordsmithing. 

Woman Saluting Sky - Freedom

A 2000 study showed that when two slightly varying statements of the same aphorism were presented to participants, the rhyming version was judged as more accurate than its modified form.

Rhyme and repetition are not the only compelling qualities of a persuasive phrase though.

We are also drawn to specific arrangements of words such as parallel construction, where two halves of a sentence are pleasingly balanced; chiasmus, where structure of a sentence s reversed, and metaphors.

Essentially, if you’re a logophile like me, a well-formed quote or proverb rooted in truth and  wisdom is simply irresistible.

Imperfections Quote

The Psychology of Positive Attitude Quotes

According to psychology expert and communications consultant Scott Sobel, beyond the appealing use of language, biology also has a hand in making quotes so convincing:

Humans are aspirational. We want to look up to role models and leaders and follow what they ask. Leaders and their words – inspirational quotes – affect us on a primal level.

Scott Sobel
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The Power of Quotes About Positive Mindset

Plus, of course, we are primed to accept that people in prominent positions deserve to be there because they know what they’re talking about – their wisdom and/or credentials make them an authority.

That assumption leads us to trust that they’re worth listening to.

Loneliness quote

For anybody who is receptive to this kind of messaging, a well-structured quote – especially from somebody influential – can feel significantly meaningful, and therefore prove profoundly powerful.   

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What’s your favourite quote about positive mindset, and how has it inspired or influenced you?