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Here you’ll find a selection of free resources, refined for the exclusive use of our subscribers.

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Self-improvement and journaling techniques recommended on this site are researched, with sources and studies clearly cited or linked to where appropriate. Exercises taken from My Positivity Project are reviewed and endorsed by BACP and BPS member, registered Psychological Therapist, Emma Kenny.
Whether you’re here for personal growth, journaling, or to help your CMPA baby, you’ll find an array of useful resources to make your life as easy as possible and to help you redefine your story.

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I hope these resources help you to live peacefully and positively!

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Please note: All downloads, printables and images are created by Refined Prose and are subject to copyright unless otherwise noted. They are intended for personal use and may not be sold, duplicated, modified or redistributed in any way without prior consent.

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