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Journaling Techniques and Methods to Inspire You

Journaling methods and techniques, with tips to get started and help you to stay driven and inspired to journal regularly.

Journaling Methods to Spark Creativity and Motivate You

Journaling methods | journaling techniques | Image shows an open journal with a pen resting on it, on a marble desk, with a cup of black coffee and a posy of white tulips beside it.
Self-improvement and journaling techniques recommended on this site are researched, with sources and studies clearly cited or linked to where appropriate. Exercises taken from My Positivity Project are reviewed and endorsed by BACP and BPS member, registered Psychological Therapist, Emma Kenny.

I love journaling for the many benefits it affords. But, as with anything, the simple reality is that over time, it can lose its shine – unless we change it up.

This is why journaling is such an incredible tool for improved wellbeing and better mental health:

A Variety of Journaling Techniques Cultivates Enthusiasm For the Hobby

If you become fatigued or disillusioned with one journaling technique or method, it’s not time to quit – it just means it’s time to switch things up.

Image shows an open journal on a desk, beside a cup of coffee.

Here’s a selection of my favourite journaling methods to stimulate and encourage you to remain dedicated to the practice of journaling.

Journaling Techniques and Tips to Get You Started and Keep You Motivated!

One of the best things about journaling is its versatility, which means if you ever feel uninspired, there's always something new to try.

This is your 101, everything you need to know about journaling - how to start, what to write, and how to keep motivated.

If you want to think better, live better, and feel better, below are some valuable journaling tips to get started with this incredible journey and way of life.

Showcasing a variety of different journaling techniques and tips, below you'll find

These journaling techniques and tips will help you to journal your way to improved wellbeing, in a variety of different ways, according to your preference and objectives.

Getting Started With Different Journaling Methods

If you're new to journaling then the tips in these posts will help you as you begin your love affair with journaling!

Learn practical tips for staying motivated, what to write about, the psychology behind the power of journaling, plus find lots of inspiration.

Journaling Techniques For Mental Health

If you're specifically looking to use journaling to deal with historic wounds, or for deep self-analysis and self-improvement, the following techniques are ideal.

Positive Journaling Techniques

My own love of journaling came about from a desire to live more positively. I learned that it’s a choice I have to make, every day and every minute:

To intentionally and consistently alter my perspective from glass half empty to glass half full until it became my new default.

And it works.

Bullet Journaling Techniques & Tips

Bullet journaling is huge and for good reason! It is so versatile and a really fantastic way to help organise many aspects of life, condensed down into a single journal. It can be literally whatever you need or want it to be, whether that’s:

  • A way of categorising and tracking your professional life, projects, and meetings;
  • Recording family memories, trips, and funny quotes from your kids;
  • Organising school and homework;
  • Tracking and working on personal growth;
  • Or any combination of the above!

Whatever your personal need for a bullet journal, check out my master bullet journaling post for a beginner’s guide to bujo.

Looking for even more inspiration? Check out these journaling ideas and journaling prompts.